Architects of the West Kingdom – Works of Wonder Now on Kickstarter

We knew it was coming, and we were waiting with bated breath (well, ok, I was).

And it’s finally here!

Well, the campaign, anyway.

Yes, the Works of Wonder expansion for the brilliant Architects of the West Kingdom (designed by Shem Phillips & S.J. MacDonald and published by Garphill Games with eventual distribution by Renegade Games Studios) is now on Kickstarter!

Let’s blurb the Kickstarter page:

“In Architects of the West Kingdom: Works of Wonder, builders from far and wide have travelled to partake in the King’s latest endeavour – five glorious monuments to beautify the city. However, not just any architect can be entrusted with such a task. Only those of influence and charitable reputation shall receive this great honour. Will you accompany the Princess as she surveys the projects, or rally support from the elusive Profiteer?”

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Shards of Infinity – INto the Horizon – Out Now!

Very quick post today to let you know that a new expansion to the wonderful deck-builder, Shards of Infinity, is out now and will hopefully be making it to your FLGS or online game store soon! It’s called Into the Horizon and has some cool new mechanisms.

While the Relics of Infinity expansion is a must-have for this game, this expansion looks pretty cool as well.

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Combat Commander Europe – #8 Breakout dance

Another of Michal’s awesome reports on our Combat Commander: Europe games. This is the scenario that taught me that sometimes you just have to move and play cards to make something happen.

I was sitting waiting for the perfect cards and Michal’s troops were slowly surrounding me.

I decided “screw it, let’s just start moving” and things actually started going better! I ended up losing, but it was a nail-biter and I almost made it off the map.

Great scenario and I’m looking forward to trying it again at some point.

Thanks, Michal, for your great write-ups!

The Boardgames Chronicle

Welcome to the already eight installment in my and Dave endeavor to play all base game scenarios in the Combat Commander Europe. Our enthusiasm is not waning, we are having blast with each new session and still learning new strategies and tactics. Discord for files sharing and VASSAL to play asynchronously prove to be fantastic tools.

Other Combat Commander scenarios in our camping with Dave:#1 Fat Lipki#2 Hedgroves and Hand Grenades#3 Bonfire of the NKVD#4 Closed for Renovation#5 Cold Front#6 Paralyzed from the West Down#7 Bessarabian Nights

What we played this time? #8 Breakout dance – a scenario which brings completely new level and depth in the tactical combat. How is that possible? This is first set-up with hills! They add so much possibilities – for cover, sneak approach, concealment, vantage points placement, hindrance negation – you name it.

It is 1943 and the war…

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Legendary Marvel – Annihilation Expansion Update

If you’re a fan of Legendary: Marvel, and judging by my blog hits even when I’m not posting anything for a couple of months, you are, then you may be interested in this update.

Due to printing issues, the Annihilation expansion didn’t meet it’s January 2021 release date.

However, Upper Deck (the publisher for this Devin Low-designed deckbuilder) has stated that it will probably now be coming out in August. Not only that, but the goal is to have all of the announced expansions still come out this year.

That would be great!

Upper Deck has done three blog posts for the Annihilation expansion, and the third one has the most interesting reveal yet.

Yes, one of the Heralds of Galactus cards is actually…Galactus!

And he’s also one of the villains in the Annihilation Wave villain group.

He’s badass no matter which version you have.

Of course, his Heralds card doesn’t really help if you play cooperatively, since having him eat the last City space means you win, nobody else does.

But it does sound fun!

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Combat Commander Europe – #7 Bessarabian Nights

I know, I know. Three Combat Commander posts in a row? I promise I will be posting something different soon, but during my blog hiatus, I wanted to continue to reblog Michal’s brilliant session reports of our Combat Commander games.

This scenario was so chaotic that it was fun! Even though the randomness of my setup made the game almost unwinnable for me. My leaders had no infantry near them!

Anyway, it was still a blast to play, and I wouldn’t mind revisiting it sometime.

Enjoy Michal’s write-up. It’s insane! (the scenario, not the write-up)

The Boardgames Chronicle

Unbelievable, but this was already 7th Combat Commander Europe scenario we played with Dave since January. Recently we added – to our daily routine of exchanging the game log files via Discord – one live session per week. It is not easy to find a slot as there is 9 hours difference between Poland end West Canada. Still, thanks to Dave sacrificing one lunch hour we managed to enrich our gaming experience with this online session.

Other Combat Commander camping with Dave:#1 FatLipki#2 Hedgroves and HandGrenades#3 Bonfire of theNKVD#4 Closed forRenovation#5 Cold Front#6 Paralyzed from the West Down

What we played this time? #7 Bessarabian Nights – one of the most volatile and crazy scenarios we have seen so far. But first thing first – historical background. It is 1944 and partisan activity at the rear of Wehrmacht is increasing with advancing Red…

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Combat Commander – After Action Report – Scenario #23 – No-Man’s Land

After taking the month of June off for personal reasons, I was eager to play the July scenario for the Combat Commander: Europe ladder (run by the illustrious Patrick Pence).

After winning the May game (my first official win!), I had already moved up the ladder to #35. My opponent this time was Sean Burns and the contest arena was scenario #23 from the Combat Commander: Mediterranean expansion, pitting the Italians (me) against the British (Sean) in the desert of North Africa.

First, I want to thank Sean for bearing with me as I had microphone problems, so we ended up having to use the VASSAL chat function rather than actually talking. That really sucked.

Basically, both the Italians (greenish-blue?) and British (tan) have dug in on their side of the board (a line of trenches on both sides), but the British have snuck a “sniper” into position to harass the Italian lines (in the game, this is a leader with a heavy machine-gun in an advance foxhole).

It looks lonely up there in the centre.

Sean set the sniper (Corporal Singh) up in hex H1 (the only other choice was H10) and then had the rest of the troops positioned centrally in the British trench line. He also has a radio that can lay down some heavy fire or (most probably) a lot of smoke.

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Combat Commander Europe – #6 Paralyzed from the West Down

I’ve been remiss in reblogging these excellent Combat Commander session reports written by Michal!

This is Scenario 6, and it was a really fun game. We did discover after the fact that the Objective R is supposed to be an Open objective even if it’s drawn by a player, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise.

But what a tense game and I’ve discovered that I’m a much better attacker than defender.

I will be reblogging Scenario #7’s AAR soon!

Thanks, Michal, for doing such a great job posting these.

The Boardgames Chronicle

With great pleasure I would like to invite you guys to already 6th installment in our ambitious project – playing with Dave all twelve Combat Commander Europe Base Game scenarios. With every game we learn more and more about that fantastic system, we refine our tactics and approaches, we learn cards and what the opponent can do should we decide to pursuit some particular path. Today I am presenting scenario number six – #06 Paralyzed from the West Down. As always, let me invite you to picture-rich session report!

Other Combat Commander camping with Dave:#1 Fat Lipki#2 Hedgroves and Hand Grenades#3 Bonfire of the NKVD#4 Closed for Renovation#5 Cold Front

It is June 7th, 1944. Overlord – The largest amphibious operation ever conducted – has just started. The German soldiers (Michal, defender) were completely surprised by the speed and ferocity of Allied (Dave, attacker)…

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Concordia Digital Edition in Beta Soon!

Just saw a tweet and received an email today from Acram Digital, the brilliant programmers behind Istanbul and many other great boardgame apps.

Remember I mentioned that Concordia is the new game from them?

They just released a trailer for it and the beta for it is now open!

The beta sign-up is on the tweet, and I jumped on it as soon as I saw it.

It looks like it’s coming out this Autumn and I for one can’t wait.

It’s not a huge favourite of mine but it is a game I quite enjoy and having a lot of the fiddly stuff taken care of by the app will really help it, I think.

Hopefully I’ll be able to bring you a review of it when it comes out and, if I make it into the beta, I’ll have some first impressions for you.

Until then, get signed up yourself and maybe we can play a game!

Boardgame Geek Top 300 – Play or Played – #270-261

I know it’s been a while (my last post was May 28), but here were finally are with another entry in the COVID-long series of posts about games on Boardgame Geek and whether or not I’ve played them.

Thankfully, it looks like the main issues with the pandemic will be over before I have to go to the Top 300.

In fact, I have my first shot and should be getting my second one sometime in July. Maybe I’ll be back at our Sunday Fun Day in August!

I sincerely hope so.

Seriously, this is me begging you. If you’re reluctant to get your shot for whatever reason, know that it’s worth it. Whatever side effects *might* happen, the risk and the results of getting COVID are far worse.

It’s been almost 2 months since I did the last of this series of postings. My apologies for that. Things have been…not good around here lately and it’s been hard to muster the energy for it.

But I am persevering and I finally got this one done!

Let’s hope this continues.

Just a reminder that this is the list as of February 8, when I downloaded it from BGG. I’ve made note of changes in position since then, of course.

Yes, it’s taken me that long.

So let’s get this party started!

And when I say “party,” I mean a polite social gathering of no more than 10 people (until at least July 1).

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Dominion App From Temple Gates Games – Beta First Impressions

It’s really cool to be involved with something that not everybody else has access to.

Hell, that’s why I started this blog!

Not that this has really manifested too much, but I did manage to get into the beta version of the Dominion app that Temple Gates Games is releasing, as I mentioned last week.

So far, the beta has been pretty interesting and I can already see that there is a lot of polish with the game.

Sure, there are a bunch of bugs, but this is a beta so of course there’s going to be.

You know what this beta has mostly taught me?

That I suck at Dominion.

However, the app itself seems very cool.

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