Podcast Episode 1 – At SHUX19 with Paula Deming!

Yes, that’s right.

I’ve started a podcast!

Well, kind of.

This is going to be fairly irregular, and almost “guerrilla podcasting” quality (I don’t have a fancy microphone or recording studio or anything like that…just my phone). This will be a way for me to perhaps record my thoughts in a different format that might not work as well in a written form (or might just be too long).

But I thought it would be cool, and I wanted to make sure the first episode was awesome.

Thus, it was a no-brainer to see if Paula Deming, boardgamer and Youtube star of Things Get Dicey (along with a bunch of other videos) would help me kick things off.

Graciously, she and her husband Lawson agreed to take some time out of their busy SHUX 2019 schedule to record an interview with me. We did it in the gaming hall, so that’s the background buzz you hear.

I am so grateful to them for that.

We discuss a wide range of subjects, from what got them into boardgaming, how Things Get Dicey came about, and the joys and hazards of streaming video game plays.

Paula also made time to mention a couple of other very cool boardgaming personalities, so I’ve linked to them as well.

The finished audio is below!


(And while I’m trying to figure out why the embed isn’t working, you can listen to it here)

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Paula’s social Media

Twitter: @ThingsGetDicey or @paulademing

Youtube: Paula Deming

Instagram: paolobandita

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/paulademing/videos

Death By Monsters Podcast: Twitter (DeathxMonsters) and Instagram (DeathbyMonstersPodcast)

@moregamespls (Twitter)

Moregamesplease (Instagram)

https://linktr.ee/moregamesplease (Website)


Twitter (@takeyourchits)

Instagram (takeyourchits)

Intro and outro music is Tribute to the Kings (Trafic de Blues) through a Creative Commons license

Transition music is Get Jazz (Geoff Harvey) also through a Creative Commons license.
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9 Comments on “Podcast Episode 1 – At SHUX19 with Paula Deming!

  1. Haven’t listened to it yet, but definitely will! Two things I already love about it: Excellent choice of guest for the episode. And it’s a 40min podcast – a great, manageable length!

    Liked by 1 person

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