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March 2023 Gaming

March was definitely a great month of gaming. I managed to play 21 games (32 plays) in 31 days! And 15 days worth of gaming is always good. Fifteen out of thirty-one? Woo! Many thanks to Boardgame Stats for the wonderful app that lets… Continue Reading “March 2023 Gaming”

Combat Commander After Action Report – Scenario #91 – The Battle of Trafalgar

After being early last month (it was almost like time travel!), this month’s game from the Combat Commander ladder came in just in the nick of time. We played our game on Monday, March 27, mainly due to life stuff happening. Combined with the… Continue Reading “Combat Commander After Action Report – Scenario #91 – The Battle of Trafalgar”

Highlights from the March 2023 GMT Update

It’s been a couple of months since my “highlights” post for the monthly GMT Update, though that is mostly because the best parts of the February update made their own posts. This month had some great stuff and other cool updates in it, so… Continue Reading “Highlights from the March 2023 GMT Update”

Expansion Review – Smash Up Micro-Expansion – Knights of the Round Table

It’s been a while since I did one of these micro-expansion Smash Up reviews (has it really been 5 months? Where has the time gone?). I had meant to do these monthly, but that promise to myself was like a new version of Glory… Continue Reading “Expansion Review – Smash Up Micro-Expansion – Knights of the Round Table”

Review – Aces of Valor

Ever since the pandemic started, I have been collecting a lot of solo wargames. Even once the lockdowns ended and life returned to at least relative normal, I still found the idea of chucking dice or drawing cards for a game where I am… Continue Reading “Review – Aces of Valor”

Friday Night Shots – How Do You Use Boardgame Geek?

It’s Friday, the week is over, the shots are flowing, and I’m thinking about board games. Because that’s what I do! One of the best things for a lot of board gamers is Boardgame Geek. You can find so much good stuff on the… Continue Reading “Friday Night Shots – How Do You Use Boardgame Geek?”

Underworld Expansion Coming to Digital Root

It’s been a light week here at Dude Take Your Turn (sorry about that), but I saw this pop into my email yesterday and I knew I had to talk about it. The wonderful digital version of Root (published by Dire Wolf Digital) is… Continue Reading “Underworld Expansion Coming to Digital Root”

Terminal City Tabletop Convention Retrospective – 2023

It’s Wednesday and part of me is still coming down from the high of a weekend full of boardgames! For the first time since March 2019, the annual (until COVID, damn it) Terminal City Tabletop Convention was held in my hometown of Vancouver this… Continue Reading “Terminal City Tabletop Convention Retrospective – 2023”

The Last Hundred Yards (Volume 2) – Airborne Over Europe – Storage Solution With Rails on Boards

Hey there! It’s Dave, your friendly neighbourhood board game storage solution guy. You may know me from my stint on an old Simpsons episode. Ummm…or maybe not. Anyway, after extolling the virtues of the various wargame storage solutions from Rails on Boards (Cube4Me), and… Continue Reading “The Last Hundred Yards (Volume 2) – Airborne Over Europe – Storage Solution With Rails on Boards”

New to Me – February 2023

February is the shortest month of the year, though it can seem quite long (or did before a stat holiday was added to it). It can seem even longer when you don’t get as many games played as usual! As I mentioned in my… Continue Reading “New to Me – February 2023”