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Review – Viscounts of the West Kingdom

Anybody who follows this blog even a little bit knows that I am a big Shem Phillips/Sam MacDonald fan. I was first introduced to Shem with Raiders of the North Sea (a game that has fallen a bit in my estimation but I still… Continue Reading “Review – Viscounts of the West Kingdom”

Excellent Game Storage From Rails on Boards (Cube4Me)

My good friend Michal from the great gaming blog The Boardgames Chronicle turned me on to a great series of storage solutions for some of my games (mainly wargames). Rails on Boards has created a series of game trays and card trays that really… Continue Reading “Excellent Game Storage From Rails on Boards (Cube4Me)”

Combat Commander Europe – After Action Report – Scenario #41 – The Commissar House

What’s this? A Combat Commander ladder after action report that’s not on the last day of the month? Alert the media! Yes, it’s November and it’s time for another adventure from the Combat Commander ladder, the chance to have a monthly play of one… Continue Reading “Combat Commander Europe – After Action Report – Scenario #41 – The Commissar House”

Expansion Review – Smash Up Micro-Expansion – Penguins

Welcome to the second in a series (of four…that’s a series, right?) of Smash Up micro-expansion reviews for one of my favourite games from Alderac Entertainment Group. If not my favourite, it’s certainly one of my most-played, mainly due to the variety of expansions… Continue Reading “Expansion Review – Smash Up Micro-Expansion – Penguins”


Allied Bombers over Germany have been in short supply recently (i.e. I haven’t been able to play Storm Above the Reich lately and thus the campaign has been stalled), but they suddenly appeared one day and the brave pilots of Staffel Roy scrambled to… Continue Reading “STORM ABOVE THE REICH – AFTER ACTION REPORT – MISSION #22”

New to Me – October 2022

October started out really kind of warm and ended really cold and rainy. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! But it was a good month for gaming. I already told you about the month in general, though, so let’s stick to the stuff that you… Continue Reading “New to Me – October 2022”

October Gaming

October was a pretty good month for gaming for me, better than September anyway. The five “new to me” games (marked with an asterisk) will be talked about in my monthly post for October, but I just wanted to show you all what I’ve… Continue Reading “October Gaming”


Two months in a row my Combat Commander ladder post about this month’s scenario is going to go out on the last day of the month. Though this time it’s partially because we didn’t play it until the 25th. This is another tale from… Continue Reading “COMBAT COMMANDER PACIFIC – AFTER ACTION REPORT – SCENARIO M4 – TEMPLETON’S CROSSING”

Wingspan: Oceania Expansion Coming to Digital

It’s nice when you look at your email inbox and find some welcome news instead of the usual spam and people bothering you about things you don’t care about. But sometimes you get something cool. Like the email from Monster Couch that says the… Continue Reading “Wingspan: Oceania Expansion Coming to Digital”

Review – Cape May

What’s the only major tourist destination in New Jersey? Yes, Cape May! It’s a beautiful oceanside town, at least from what I saw on the Blacklist episode it featured in. (Yes, I’m aware of Atlantic City. This is kind of an inside joke, but… Continue Reading “Review – Cape May”