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Friday Night Shots – How Do You Use Boardgame Geek?

It’s Friday, the week is over, the shots are flowing, and I’m thinking about board games. Because that’s what I do! One of the best things for a lot of board gamers is Boardgame Geek. You can find so much good stuff on the… Continue Reading “Friday Night Shots – How Do You Use Boardgame Geek?”

February 2023 Gaming

February was a weird month for gaming. I missed on Sunday Funday because of doing a math trade (where I traded 17 games for a bunch of money and 5 other games!) and then I was on vacation for a week so we didn’t… Continue Reading “February 2023 Gaming”

January 2023 Gaming

January 2023 was a great month for gaming, especially with OrcaCon and everything. I’ve already told you about the new games I played, but here’s my month in review. (Many thanks to BG Stats for the ability to do stuff like this!) For me,… Continue Reading “January 2023 Gaming”

Blog in Review – 2022

It’s the new year and welcome to 2023! As has been my tradition for the past 3 years, here is my annual post about the year that was, 2022 in this case. Unlike last year, where I talked about how 2021 really should be… Continue Reading “Blog in Review – 2022”

Merry Christmas from Dude Take Your Turn

Hey, everyone I know I haven’t been as prolific in writing as I would like to be and you haven’t seen a lot of new posts from me recently. I’ve been keeping some going, but I’m nowhere near where I want. (More on that… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas from Dude Take Your Turn”

November Gaming

November was a good month of gaming, even with missing my final week’s game day and it being harder to get games in at work. I’ll of course talk about the “new to me” games in this month’s post (probably next week) but I… Continue Reading “November Gaming”

October Gaming

October was a pretty good month for gaming for me, better than September anyway. The five “new to me” games (marked with an asterisk) will be talked about in my monthly post for October, but I just wanted to show you all what I’ve… Continue Reading “October Gaming”

Fright Night Shots: Multiple Video Games?

Sorry for the lax posting recently. I just bought a gaming computer that can play all of my Steam games, including ones that need more oomph than the computer that I had, and I’ve been sidetracked by playing those instead! This includes Metro: First… Continue Reading “Fright Night Shots: Multiple Video Games?”

Upcoming Conventions – SHUX, Bottoscon & OrcaCon

Since I wasn’t able to get a review done over the weekend, how about a short post about upcoming conventions that I will be attending? I’m really looking forward to convention season coming up again. I’ve really missed it (as can be guessed from… Continue Reading “Upcoming Conventions – SHUX, Bottoscon & OrcaCon”

Some GMT P500 Games That Need Some Love

I guess we can just say that this week is GMT Games Week at Dude Take Your Turn. I promise to get back to “normal” stuff next week. In doing my GMT Update on Wednesday, I noticed that there are still some games that… Continue Reading “Some GMT P500 Games That Need Some Love”