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November Gaming

November was a good month of gaming, even with missing my final week’s game day and it being harder to get games in at work. I’ll of course talk about the “new to me” games in this month’s post (probably next week) but I… Continue Reading “November Gaming”

The Pursuit of Happiness – Big Box by Artipia Games on Kickstarter

I’ve really enjoyed my couple of plays of The Pursuit of Happiness, published by Artipia Games. Designed by Adrian Abela and David Chircop, with gorgeous and whimsical art by Panayiotis Lyris, the game was published in 2015 but I missed it on Kickstarter. This is… Continue Reading “The Pursuit of Happiness – Big Box by Artipia Games on Kickstarter”

Terminal City Tabletop Convention – Vancouver

Ah, the smell of new games being opened. The sound of people sitting at a table, chatting. Or perhaps one person talking, teaching others how to play the game that’s sitting in front of them. I had that experience this past weekend at the… Continue Reading “Terminal City Tabletop Convention – Vancouver”

Pursuit of Happiness expansion – Experiences

Just a quick news post to start the week (it’s Family Day up here in most of Canada, so we’re all at home freezing our bits off instead of at work freezing our bits off). Last year, I discovered the brilliantly fun game The… Continue Reading “Pursuit of Happiness expansion – Experiences”

Kickstarter – The Pursuit of Happiness: Community

This is the story of how I recently backed, and am greatly looking forward to, the new expansion for the game The Pursuit of Happiness. Called Community, it has a pledge level that allows you to get the base game as well. I’m not… Continue Reading “Kickstarter – The Pursuit of Happiness: Community”