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More New Characters for Talisman Digital!

It’s June and Nomad Games has released another trio of new characters for the digital version of Talisman.  Recently they released the Satyr, the Vampire, and the Pilgrim as characters you can play, all coming with their own little unique aspects that are pretty cool… Continue Reading “More New Characters for Talisman Digital!”

Talisman – Legendary Decks

In addition to the three new characters that Nomad Games recently released for the digital version of Talisman, they also released a series of what are called “Legendary Decks” for the base game and a number of the expansions. These Legendary Decks are for the… Continue Reading “Talisman – Legendary Decks”

Talisman: New Characters for Digital Game

Recently Nomad Games released a bunch of new characters along with Legendary decks for the Talisman digital app (the base game of which is currently 80% off on Steam for a few more hours if you act now!) Today we’re going to examine the three… Continue Reading “Talisman: New Characters for Digital Game”

App Expansion Review – Talisman Origins – Eternal Conflict

Another month and another expansion to the really fun digital app Talisman: Origins. Nomad Games seems to be putting these out quite frequently, which is a joy for those of us who like the game. Talisman: Origins – Eternal Conflict is about the eternal conflict… Continue Reading “App Expansion Review – Talisman Origins – Eternal Conflict”

App Expansion Review – Talisman Origins – Beyond the Veil

Talisman and Talisman: Origins are two of the really great digital board game adaptions. The former because it looks so tedious on the table but in digital form you can start a game, go for a while, then turn it off and come back to it.… Continue Reading “App Expansion Review – Talisman Origins – Beyond the Veil”

App Expansion Review – Talisman: The Clockwork Kingdom

I’ve done a couple of reviews now for Talisman: Origins and one of its expansions, but there’s also a new digital-only expansion out for the base Talisman game as well. As we all know, Talisman is the roll and move game where you are journeying around the… Continue Reading “App Expansion Review – Talisman: The Clockwork Kingdom”

App Review – Talisman: Origins

Talisman has a reputation for being a long-ass game that starts to outstay its welcome on the table. That being said, it does have tons of fans and a bunch of expansions have been released for it, so somebody must like it. I’ve never… Continue Reading “App Review – Talisman: Origins”

Boardgames That Work Better as Apps

In some of my social media postings, I have mentioned that Potion Explosion worked better for me in app form because it was too fiddly on the table. This brings to mind something that I’ve thought about quite a bit. What other board games have… Continue Reading “Boardgames That Work Better as Apps”