Talisman – Legendary Decks

In addition to the three new characters that Nomad Games recently released for the digital version of Talisman, they also released a series of what are called “Legendary Decks” for the base game and a number of the expansions.


These Legendary Decks are for the base game, Reaper expansion, Highlands expansion, and the Dungeon expansion.

Legendary Decks consist of silver cards that are copies of cards in the appropriate base game/expansion, but they make things much more difficult.

The Earth Elemental above has a Craft of 7. In the basic Highland expansion, his Craft is 5.


Then there is the occasional gold card as well, that really make things tough. This dragon’s original card is strength 8.

The cards replace their counterparts in the various decks and just ramp up the difficulty of the game.

Was that really necessary?

You’ll have to be the judge of that.


Even cards that are usually beneficial become slightly less beneficial with the Legendary Decks.

The Rumor of Riches (that card is missing a “u”) only has you place 2 gold on a spot. The original card has you place 3 gold there.

A fountain of life will only have 2 lives there instead of 3 or 4.

Were you thinking you had it too easy?

Not anymore!

That Angel will really kill you if you’re Evil (it only takes one life in the base set, two in the Legendary)

The cards are only $1.99 US on Steam for each of the four packs, so if you’re a Talisman fiend, you know it’s a must-buy.

They’re fun cards and I think they’re worth the money, but I’m also not sure how necessary they are.

I wasn’t finding the game too easy to begin with, so this just makes it that much harder.

And a bit more chaotic, but that’s where the fun can be.


Combine these Legendary cards with the new characters and it’s a pretty good combination overall.

That’s pretty much all there is to these decks.

Harder stuff.

Is that worth it for you?

It is for me, but you’ll have to decide that for yourself.

They add some fun aspects to the game, but if you’re already finding the game hard enough, these packs may lessen your enjoyment of the game.

But if you’re a Talisman fan (and I am, at least of the digital game), then these Legendary Packs are well worth your coin.

Just as long as it isn’t Fool’s Gold.

Many thanks to Nomad Games for the codes for these Legendary Decks so I could try them out.

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