Tiny Epic Pirates on Kickstarter

Gamelyn Games is the king of tiny yet epic games (hence the titles of many of their games, I guess!).

I’m a big fan of Tiny Epic Galaxies, but so far haven’t really had the chance to try any of their other ones.

However, the email I received yesterday may just get me trying another one.

Tiny Epic Pirates is a big game in a small box.

All pics taken from the Kickstarter page

The game is designed by Scott Almes with artwork by Chip Cole, Nikoletta Vaszi, Ian Rosenthaler, Benjamin Shulman, and Felix Wermke.

In the game, players are pirates trying to bury all of their wealth on some deserted islands (presumably so they can dig it up later?)

The game uses a variable rondel mechanism where your captain moves around a circular action board, choosing an action to land on that you will then perform. These actions can vary from plundering settlements to getting more crew to burying your treasure and lots more.


The first player to bury three treasures is the winner.

You can attack merchant ships, other pirates, or you may face off against the Royal Navy if you become more and more notorious, so you may have to watch out for that!


Part of the game will be building up your crew, because we all know that a good crew is the best way to get through life.

The game has a rather interesting combat mechanism where your crew determines how often you hit or miss when you get into battle.

Each crew has dice at the top of the card. When you roll that number, you hit! If you have multiple crew with the same number, you’ll hit more! But if you concentrate on a few numbers, you’ll either hit somebody hard or you’ll send your cannonballs splashing into the ocean for no effect.

You have to balance that to get the best results.

The icons at the bottom of the card are actions that can chain together, so forming a good crew is paramount to actually winning.

Increasing your Legend Level through winning battles will offer immediate benefits like increasing your ship’s movement or number of dice you can roll in battle.

It all sounds really intriguing, and you can get the base game by itself for a rather small pledge of $25 US ($35 CDN right now, but that’s probably off because the Canadian dollar sucks right now).

For $5 more, you can get the Deluxe version.

The game comes with some really nice little ship minis (here are the pirate ships that can hold stuff).


Overall, it looks like a pretty good production.

This is definitely a campaign I’m going to keep my eye on.

The game looks interesting and fun, and it’s a relatively small footprint (at least compared to Twilight Imperium, anyway).

What do you think of this one?

Are you going to back it?

There are 19 days left on it and it’s already reached $609,000 (maybe even more by the time this posts tomorrow morning) of it’s $20,000 goal.

I think it’s a winner.

Let me know what you think of this one in the comments.


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