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Scholars of the South Tigris from Garphill Games Coming to Kickstarter March 7

Two posts in a day, but this announcement is worth it! Today on Twitter, Shem Phillips of Garphill Games announced that the latest edition to the South Tigris trilogy, Scholars of the South Tigris, will be hitting Kickstarter on March 7. I just received… Continue Reading “Scholars of the South Tigris from Garphill Games Coming to Kickstarter March 7”

Stone Age Coming to Digital From Acram Digital

Five posts in a week? It’s been a newsy week, that’s for sure. I wasn’t going to post anything today, giving myself a rest, but then I saw something in my email last night. Stone Age, the venerable (2008) worker placement designed by Bernd… Continue Reading “Stone Age Coming to Digital From Acram Digital”

Marvel Legendary Update – 2023

2022 was a busy year in the Marvel Legendary universe. A ton of expansions came out because of the backlog that was 2021. This year, with the backlog cleared out, won’t be nearly as eventful. But it will still be fun! As I did… Continue Reading “Marvel Legendary Update – 2023”

Teotihuacan Deluxe Coming to Kickstarter in April

Received the exciting news from Board & Dice this morning that one of their great games, Teotihuacan, is getting the Deluxe treatment in April. In addition to having a storage solution that actually works rather than tons of different bags and boards scattered around,… Continue Reading “Teotihuacan Deluxe Coming to Kickstarter in April”

Unmatched: Digital Edition gets full release date with DLC timeline

Some exciting news from Acram Digital! I was going to just add this to my review of the digital version of the great Unmatched game (boardgame published by Restoration Games) but this news is just too big to keep to that. Yes, Unmatched: Digital… Continue Reading “Unmatched: Digital Edition gets full release date with DLC timeline”

Quilts & Cats of Calico from Monster Couch Coming to Digital

Exciting news in the digital boardgaming world came yesterday from Monster Couch Games, the developer of the wonderful Wingspan app. Quilts & Cats of Calico (which is basically the board game Calico from Flatout Games and AEG), which is a tile-laying game where you… Continue Reading “Quilts & Cats of Calico from Monster Couch Coming to Digital”

Empire’s End from John D. Clair – on Kickstarter now!

I’m kind of backing off some on the Kickstarter gravy train. While I did back Halls of Hegra a couple of months ago after some amazing video footage from my good friends Zilla Blitz and The Players’ Aid, I have come to the conclusion… Continue Reading “Empire’s End from John D. Clair – on Kickstarter now!”

Wingspan: Oceania Expansion Coming to Digital

It’s nice when you look at your email inbox and find some welcome news instead of the usual spam and people bothering you about things you don’t care about. But sometimes you get something cool. Like the email from Monster Couch that says the… Continue Reading “Wingspan: Oceania Expansion Coming to Digital”

New Colt Express Expansion Coming in 2023

In Friday’s post about new to me games for September, I mentioned that I really enjoyed Colt Express even as I said the newer Colt Super Express wasn’t really that great. Lo and behold, the universe is listening to me because I just saw… Continue Reading “New Colt Express Expansion Coming in 2023”

Renegade Game Studios Expands Licensing Agreement with Hasbro – Squad Leader Coming?

Last week, Renegade Game Studios sent out a press release about its licensing agreement with Hasbro, stating the following: “Renegade Game Studios is excited to announce that they are in negotiations to expand their licensing relationship with Hasbro, a global branded entertainment company, to… Continue Reading “Renegade Game Studios Expands Licensing Agreement with Hasbro – Squad Leader Coming?”