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New to Me – November 2022

November was an interesting month for boardgaming. I went to my second convention this year, a relatively small (compared to SHUX, anyway!) local wargaming convention where I was finally able to get a bit of wargaming done! Considering how many wargames I now have,… Continue Reading “New to Me – November 2022”

Kickstarter Backing – Arcana Rising

Sometimes it’s a good thing to be subscribed to the various boardgame company emails. I would normally say “especially as a reviewer,” but that hasn’t really paid out much. Instead, I’m saying this as a consumer who was alerted to the Kickstarter campaign for… Continue Reading “Kickstarter Backing – Arcana Rising”

Boardgame Geek Top 100 – Played or Play? 100-91

It’s no secret that I’ve been in a bit of blog doldrums over the last couple of weeks. The social isolation and not playing many games (none until last weekend, actually) except the apps that I do asynchronously, plus getting really busy at work… Continue Reading “Boardgame Geek Top 100 – Played or Play? 100-91”

Review – War of the Worlds: The New Wave

I’m probably one of the few people who remembers the “new” War of the Worlds TV series that came out in the 1980s. It was a “sequel” series to the 1950’s movie. It was campy, but I really did enjoy it. The aliens had… Continue Reading “Review – War of the Worlds: The New Wave”

New to Me – October 2019

October was SHUX month. SHUX is a 3-day boardgame convention in Vancouver that was simply phenomenal. I had so much fun, and would have had even more fun if I hadn’t felt so terrible. Maybe next year! You know what conventions mean, right? No,… Continue Reading “New to Me – October 2019”

War of the Worlds: The New Wave – on Kickstarter

(Edit – 12/20/19: for those of you who found this page some other way, the review is live!) While I have never read the actual H.G. Wells book, I am a big fan of the War of the Worlds concept. I watched the original… Continue Reading “War of the Worlds: The New Wave – on Kickstarter”

City of Gears now on Kickstarter

Grey Fox Games, publisher of many fan-favourite games such as Champions of Midgard and Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, has just come to Kickstarter with another game  that looks really cool. City of Gears  (Designers: Daryl Andrews and Chris Leder; Artists: Anthony Cournoyer and… Continue Reading “City of Gears now on Kickstarter”