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New to Me – October 2019

October was SHUX month. SHUX is a 3-day boardgame convention in Vancouver that was simply phenomenal. I had so much fun, and would have had even more fun if I hadn’t felt so terrible. Maybe next year! You know what conventions mean, right? No,… Continue Reading “New to Me – October 2019”

Review – Mephisto

Are you somebody who would like to make a deal with a very scary demon in order to gain the ultimate power in the universe? If you are, please forget that you know me. However, if you would like to pretend that you are… Continue Reading “Review – Mephisto”

New to Me – August 2018

After last month’s horribly slim post, August was a cornucopia of new to me games! Spanning from the distant past of 2011 to the near future of 2019. This should make my good buddy David at Roll to Review happy. I have a full… Continue Reading “New to Me – August 2018”

First Impressions – Mephisto

One of the pleasures of going to a convention like Dragonflight is the ability to playtest/demo upcoming games, most of the time with the designers themselves. On Sunday morning, after I had checked out of my room and was looking for a game (or… Continue Reading “First Impressions – Mephisto”