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First Look – Undaunted: Normandy app on Steam

Undaunted: Normandy is a wargame/card game combination designed by the excellent designers David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin. It was published in 2019 by Osprey Games and I actually wrote about how excited I was when it was first announced. Then I never bought it.… Continue Reading “First Look – Undaunted: Normandy app on Steam”

Early Access First Impressions – Brass Birmingham App by Phalanx Games

During my self-imposed blogging hiatus, exciting news came out. Brass: Birmingham was being released in app form on Steam by Phalanx Games and Cublo! It’s now in Early Access. It was a first-day buy for me, but because I was…not doing very well at… Continue Reading “Early Access First Impressions – Brass Birmingham App by Phalanx Games”

Dominion App From Temple Gates Games – Beta First Impressions

It’s really cool to be involved with something that not everybody else has access to. Hell, that’s why I started this blog! Not that this has really manifested too much, but I did manage to get into the beta version of the Dominion app… Continue Reading “Dominion App From Temple Gates Games – Beta First Impressions”

Labyrinth: the War on Terror – Early Access on Steam – First Look

With all of us hopefully staying indoors for a large part of our day for the foreseeable future, digital boardgaming apps (as well as online gaming, but that’s not what this post is about) are becoming more and more important in our lives. This… Continue Reading “Labyrinth: the War on Terror – Early Access on Steam – First Look”

Mystic Vale App Gets Stormy With Mana Storm Expansion

Previously on this blog, you may remember that I have mentioned Nomad Games‘ app version of the classic John D. Clair card-crafting title┬áMystic Vale. The tabletop game is published by Alderac Entertainment Group. I sung its praises as a great app, polished and well-done… Continue Reading “Mystic Vale App Gets Stormy With Mana Storm Expansion”

First Impressions – Mephisto

One of the pleasures of going to a convention like Dragonflight is the ability to playtest/demo upcoming games, most of the time with the designers themselves. On Sunday morning, after I had checked out of my room and was looking for a game (or… Continue Reading “First Impressions – Mephisto”

First Impressions – Space Base

Edit (4/1/19) – My full review is now up! Check that out if you want my opinion of this game after 5 plays rather than this quick and dirty one. Original post below: What if you could play the good parts of Machi Koro… Continue Reading “First Impressions – Space Base”

First Impressions – Modern Art

I’m not a huge fan of auction games. I’m just not great at figuring out value for money and deciding when to stop bidding on something. Probably why I don’t do the family finances. For some reason, though, the first time I played Modern… Continue Reading “First Impressions – Modern Art”

First Impressions – Custom Heroes

“Crafting” cards is becoming a new fad in boardgaming, though I think it’s mainly AEG who are doing it. Games like Mystic Vale, where you can gain cards and then improve them, are starting to become more prominent. Last night, I got the chance… Continue Reading “First Impressions – Custom Heroes”