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Highlights From the August 2022 GMT Games Update

I was completely surprised to discover that my last post about the monthly GMT Update was from December 2021. I know I said I was taking over for the Players’ Aid while their written blog was kind of back-burnered due to real-life stuff. They’re… Continue Reading “Highlights From the August 2022 GMT Games Update”

Labyrinth: the War on Terror Coming out of Steam Early Access November 12

Two news posts in one day? That’s what happens when two of your favourite app companies come out with news on the same day (yesterday, of course). Playdek announced yesterday that Labyrinth: the War on Terror will be leaving Steam’s Early Access and also… Continue Reading “Labyrinth: the War on Terror Coming out of Steam Early Access November 12”

Boardgame Apps – Steam Sales

After yesterday’s Through the Ages app review (still on sale until April 10!), I thought I’d pass along a few other Steam sales that are going on for popular and excellent boardgame apps that you might want to try out since you’re as socially isolated… Continue Reading “Boardgame Apps – Steam Sales”

Labyrinth: the War on Terror – Early Access on Steam – First Look

With all of us hopefully staying indoors for a large part of our day for the foreseeable future, digital boardgaming apps (as well as online gaming, but that’s not what this post is about) are becoming more and more important in our lives. This… Continue Reading “Labyrinth: the War on Terror – Early Access on Steam – First Look”

GMT’s Labyrinth: the War on Terror coming to Steam Early Access – Feb 27

What can be more exciting than a snow day in Vancouver where I don’t have to go to work? How about receiving big digital boardgame news in my Inbox? Yes, that’s right. GMT’s awesome-sounding (since I haven’t played the board game yet) Labyrinth: the War… Continue Reading “GMT’s Labyrinth: the War on Terror coming to Steam Early Access – Feb 27”

Ascension: Delerium arrives on the App!

The first day back at work after a month off is always going to be hard. I wouldn’t know normally because I’ve never done it until this month. While it wasn’t too hard to get back into the swing of things, it was kind… Continue Reading “Ascension: Delerium arrives on the App!”

Fluxx Returning to Mobile Platforms July 18

When I first bought an iPhone way back in the day (maybe it was 6 or even 30 years ago?), one of the first boardgame apps I saw and downloaded was the Looney Labs insane card game Fluxx.  I know Fluxx gets a bad rap, and… Continue Reading “Fluxx Returning to Mobile Platforms July 18”

App Review – Fort Sumter

When news hit a month or so ago that the wonderful 2-player game Fort Sumter was coming to digital via Playdek, I was…well, let’s just say excited and leave it at that (I don’t want to be embarrassed). Now that day has finally arrived,… Continue Reading “App Review – Fort Sumter”

News to Catch Up On

Sorry for the lack of posting last week. I was away and just not really in the mood to force any posts up. Judging my stats, I’d better rectify that now! Before going further, I can promise that there will be a new review… Continue Reading “News to Catch Up On”

Playdek Bringing Fort Sumter to Digital Soon

There I was, getting myself set up to write a review to post today. First thing I did, as most people do, was check my email (ok, most check Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but I’m a Luddite). Lo and behold, what did I find… Continue Reading “Playdek Bringing Fort Sumter to Digital Soon”