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May 2023 Gaming

It’s been another slower month of gaming this last May, again because one of our Sundays was cancelled (this month due to Mother’s Day…stupid moms!) This month, I had the same number of plays (19) as April but only 11 games instead of 13.… Continue Reading “May 2023 Gaming”

Friday Night Shots – What Game Mechanism Do You Hate?

Hey there. It’s Friday night, the Canadian Club is flowing just a little bit, and it’s time for a little light-hearted discussion about the news of the day. No, not the news that apparently there could be water under the ice on some of… Continue Reading “Friday Night Shots – What Game Mechanism Do You Hate?”

April 2023 Gaming

After a robust March of gaming, April took a bit of a downturn. The lack of a convention along with missing a Sunday game day and being off for a week so there were no lunch time games that week, all of that combined… Continue Reading “April 2023 Gaming”

Boardgame Geek Top 200 – Play or Played – 180-171

This post has been a long time coming. Sorry about that. Life has a way of getting away from you sometimes, doesn’t it? Especially in these chaotic times. I swear that 2020 has been…well, let’s say “challenging.” However, I have made promises to people… Continue Reading “Boardgame Geek Top 200 – Play or Played – 180-171”

Boardgame Apps – Steam Sales

After yesterday’s Through the Ages app review (still on sale until April 10!), I thought I’d pass along a few other Steam sales that are going on for popular and excellent boardgame apps that you might want to try out since you’re as socially isolated… Continue Reading “Boardgame Apps – Steam Sales”

Galaxy Trucker Ships Out to Steam

Yesterday, one of the best boardgame apps ever made finally appeared on Steam after a long period on iOS/Android. Galaxy Trucker, by Czech Games Edition, is a game that doesn’t really seem like it would be a good fit on digital. It’s a real-time… Continue Reading “Galaxy Trucker Ships Out to Steam”

Galaxy Trucker app – International Tabletop Day

One of the most impressive board game apps out there in the ever-increasing App Universe (yes, that’s an official title, no need to go check on that) is Galaxy Trucker. This is a game that I really don’t like on the table because when… Continue Reading “Galaxy Trucker app – International Tabletop Day”