Galaxy Trucker app – International Tabletop Day

One of the most impressive board game apps out there in the ever-increasing App Universe (yes, that’s an official title, no need to go check on that) is Galaxy Trucker.

This is a game that I really don’t like on the table because when you are creating your ship, it is a mad dash to grab tiles, see if you can add them together to create a good ship, and if you can’t use them you put them back. My lack of quick spatial skills (actually, my lack of spatial skills in general, but it’s made worse when you have to make that decision quickly) means that I am terrible at it. And thus I don’t have fun.

Sure, it’s fun to see the ship you lovingly created fall to pieces as you make the run from the base planet to your destination, but getting to that point is not fun for me.

Galaxy Trucker 1

The app is awesome because it gives you the ability to create your ship without the speed required. You can set it up so that each player is given a set number of points on their turn and they can choose tiles and spend those points to add the tiles to your ship. It’s a really elegant system and has turned the game from something I actively avoid to something that I really enjoy.

So what brings up a post about an app that came out a couple of years ago?

International Tabletop Day

International Tabletop Day is April 29, and to celebrate, Czech Games Edition is doing two great things (h/t: Stately Play)

First, they’ve created a new mission that you can go on, and they’ll somehow figure out how to choose three players of that mission during the weekend to win a copy of another CGE title. Maybe the NSA is helping them? (Editors note: that’s a joke, people)

Secondly, and more importantly to those who don’t already have this wonderful app, it’s going on sale! Yes, through Monday, Galaxy Trucker will only cost $3 US

That’s right! Three whole dollars! That’s it? Cheaper than that lousy coffee you keep drinking for some reason.

The expansion will also be $3, and I haven’t picked that up yet, so I probably will.

You owe it to yourself to get this outstanding app. It even has asynchronous multiplayer, which makes this a no-brainer (thus, zombies may not apply)

Galaxy Trucker is available on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows Phone (though Windows Phone is $5 apparently)

Galaxy Trucker 2
Why do I think this is going to end badly?



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