Expansion Fatigue – Is it Possible?

As boardgamers, we love our expansions, at least most of us do. If we have a favourite game and a new expansion is announced for it, we start drooling like a dog who just noticed that you work at a dog food plant and just might have a treat for him.

Games like Smash Up are always coming out with new faction decks. It seems like each year, an expansion comes out with at least four decks in it and assorted counters that work with those decks. I’m not a follower of the game (I have the base game, but haven’t bought any expansions yet), but I know they came out with the Big Geeky Box (along with yet another faction deck) to store all of your Smash Up cards.

For those fans of the game, I’m wondering if your space is running out in that box?

However, even Smash Up can’t hold a candle to Marvel Legendary.

Marvel Legendary
Marvel Legendary game board – Complete with Deadpool!

This game is a blast to play. I love it dearly.

But it’s just getting too damned big for its britches.

There are currently ten expansions, with another big box (Legendary: X-Men) coming this Summer.

I’m not getting a calculator out, but with each small expansion (six) having 100 cards in them and each big box (four to date, a fifth coming) having 350+ cards in them, and the base set having 500 cards, we’re looking at almost 2600 cards! Don’t get me started on Legendary: Villains and its one small box expansion, adding another 600 cards, which can be combined with the Heroes set as well.

Marvel Villains
Marvel Villains – Game mat and cards

I haven’t bought the last small box, Marvel Legendary: Noir, and I’m not sure I’m going to. I haven’t even played with the last small box, Deadpool, yet.

I currently have the base set box and the Marvel Villains box packed very tightly with cards. One of the big box expansion boxes has all of the Villains stuff, which I typically don’t use, at least not right now.

I’m suffering from fatigue just thinking about carting this game around to game nights. The boxes are really heavy. When I play them at home, it’s a chore even lifting them from the shelf to the table.

I only play it at home with my wife because it’s just too damned taxing to take with me anywhere.

Which is a real shame, because I love the mechanisms in the game. I love the heroes. I love so much about the Marvel Universe and playing in it.

But I’m out of room for more cards. I’m out of room on my shelves for yet another Marvel box. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since getting new games will add boxes to the shelves, but three of them being Marvel Legendary? It’s getting to be way too much.

That being said, if I’m ever walking to my game night with my Bag O’Legendary and somebody tries to mug me, I’m set. That guy will be down and out faster than you can say “Look! It’s Spider-Man!”

What do you think? Are there games you love but the expansions are getting out of hand?

Let me know in the comments.




5 Comments on “Expansion Fatigue – Is it Possible?

  1. I pick and choose with expansions. I have a few for Small World, Marvel Legendary, Carcassonne, Dominion. I have the 1st exp for RftG and felt like that was enough. I have several for Smash Up which feels like a waste as I very rarely play that game (one expansion sits unopened). As the shelf gets more crowded I’ve grown much more selective.


    • I certainly get that. And it’s games like Legendary and Smash Up that would probably lead to having to be careful.

      And I think the perfect sign that enough is enough is when an expansion sits there unplayed. 🙂


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