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Boardgame Geek Top 200 – Play or Played – 180-171

This post has been a long time coming. Sorry about that. Life has a way of getting away from you sometimes, doesn’t it? Especially in these chaotic times. I swear that 2020 has been…well, let’s say “challenging.” However, I have made promises to people… Continue Reading “Boardgame Geek Top 200 – Play or Played – 180-171”

Boardgame Geek Top 100 – Played or Play? #30-21

It’s that time of week again. The sun’s out (kind of, though it’s supposed to rain by the time this actually posts) and we’re into Summer. Yet the temperature’s in the 60s in Vancouver and I’m really enjoying it. I don’t need it to… Continue Reading “Boardgame Geek Top 100 – Played or Play? #30-21”

App Review – Viticulture

Viticulture is a great game about running a vineyard. Please note: it’s running a vineyard, not necessarily making wine (though there is plenty of that too). The game, designed by Morten Monrad Pedersen, Jamey Stegmaier, and Alan Stone with art by Jacqui Davis, David Montgomery, and… Continue Reading “App Review – Viticulture”

Viticulture Digital – Out Now!

Quick post today because I have to spend time doing tomorrow’s “BGG Top 100 post”. Yesterday, to the surprise of many (except for maybe those who paid attention to Digidiced‘s press releases), Viticulture appeared on the iOS App Store and the Android store as… Continue Reading “Viticulture Digital – Out Now!”

Viticulture Coming to Digital via Digidiced!

Wow, it’s a busy week for digital boardgame news! First Through the Ages, and now Viticulture news! Yes, Digidiced (developers of many great digital apps such as Castles of Burgundy, Patchwork, etc) have announced that they are doing the digital adaptation of the Stonemaier… Continue Reading “Viticulture Coming to Digital via Digidiced!”

Stonemaier Games Announces Viticulture Rhine Visitors

One of the knocks against Jamey Stegmaier’s wine-making opus game, Viticulture, has been the fact that you could potentially win the game without making any wine at all. Earlier, Jamey had teased the fact that a new expansion would be coming out sometime soon.… Continue Reading “Stonemaier Games Announces Viticulture Rhine Visitors”

New Visitors Expansion for Viticulture in 2018

Sorry I’ve been away so long. Was expecting to do some blogging on my three weeks vacation and…didn’t. But what great news to come back to! Viticulture is a game about running a vineyard for victory points (yes, those nasty victory points again). I’m… Continue Reading “New Visitors Expansion for Viticulture in 2018”