Viticulture Digital – Out Now!

Quick post today because I have to spend time doing tomorrow’s “BGG Top 100 post”.

Yesterday, to the surprise of many (except for maybe those who paid attention to Digidiced‘s press releases), Viticulture appeared on the iOS App Store and the Android store as well.

Yes, that’s right. Jamey Stegmaier’s classic wine-making game (though it’s more about running a vineyard than actually making wine since you can win without making much) has now reached the digital realm, courtesy of Digidiced.

It was announced back in August but I hadn’t heard much about it recently other than it was in beta and that it looked good.

Viticulture - Out Now

I really love Digidiced’s apps, mainly because they do a great job with asynchronous multiplayer (though there can be some hiccups) and the apps usually come out very polished.

In the game, you are running a vineyard, making wine and otherwise trying to get a number of victory points basically from fulfilling orders or perhaps taking advantage of certain visitor cards that you end up drawing.

I once won a game where I got a massive headstart because I had a juicy visitor card that let everybody train a new worker but gave me victory points if they did.

The visitor cards are very important in this game, but there are multiple avenues to win.


I have not tried the app yet, though I have bought it. I’ll be trying it out soon, but it looks like the typical Digidiced polish and graphics.

We’ll see how the AI works as well as the asynchronous multiplayer (which this game also has).

I really look forward to this, and look for a review in the coming days/weeks!


I do know that it looks really cool.

I do like how it has the Mamas & Papas option for where you start, or you can start with the basic Viticulture method without all of that.

It’s a great game and I hope it’s a great app as well.

It’s available right now on iOS and Android for $11.99 CDN ($8.99 US, which tells me the Canadian exchange rate sucks).

It will be coming soon to Steam, but no word how much that will cost.

Are you going to check this one out?

I know it was a day-one purchase for me.

Let me know in the comments.


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