Castle Panic Deluxe Coming to Kickstarter Tomorrow!

(Edit: This campaign has been cancelled. Hopefully they’ll come up with something cool, though! 


(Edit: I goofed slightly in how to play the game. The monsters move after each player goes, not after all players go. I edited below. Also, the Kickstarter is now live!

And it looks like it is just the base game. Wonder if they will eventually Kickstart deluxe expansions?)

Kind of lost in the shuffle of all that Kickstarter news about some game where you’re doing something with Mars (I’m not sure exactly what), Fireside Games has something also coming to Kickstarter on June 9.

Castle Panic (designed by and with art by Justin de Witt) is one of the favourite games for me and my wife to play. It’s a cooperative game where hordes of monsters are descending on your castle and you’re trying to weather the storm and keep at least one part of your castle standing.

There have been three expansions released for it (The Wizard’s Tower, The Dark Titan, and Engines of War), along with a Big Box last year that would hold all three expansions.

Now Fireside Games is going to that one better with a Deluxe Edition.

Two big ticket items hitting Kickstarter on the same day?

Let the battle begin!

All Deluxe images taken from the Fireside Games site

The basic game came with tokens for all of the monsters and cards that were decent but not very striking that you would play on your turn to hopefully kill all the monsters before they tore down your walls and towers.

In the game, each player has a hand of cards, some “hit” cards that will let them do some damage to monsters that are out on the board (if they’re currently in the proper ring for the card). Other cards may give you other benefits or may even kill a monster outright!

After a player takes their turn, all of the monsters move forward one ring, taking a point of damage if they hit a wall (but destroying the wall then). If they’re not killed, they get into the castle ring and start destroying towers.

You then draw two new monster tokens from the bag and roll the die to place them out in the forest, ready to start their own rampage toward the castle.

Once the bag is empty and all monsters are dead, the players win! But if you lose all of your towers, then the players lose.


The old edition looked like this, with monster tokens lying flat on the board and when you damaged them, you turned them so it looked like they were turning away from the castle in fear.

No idea what the board will look like yet, but instead of monster tokens, you get miniatures!


I know the board better have big spaces when you keep drawing the “Draw 3 or 4 more monster” tiles from the bag (combined with the monsters that also bring more monsters with them).

That could be quite the monster convention!

Anyway, these monsters will have rotating bases so that you can track damage.

There is also new card art, but you can go to the Fireside page for that (I’d like to send some traffic their way, even if it’s only my one reader).

Want to be notified when this launches?

You can go to the Kickstarter launch page.

Another question that I presume will be answered tomorrow when the full campaign goes live is whether this includes all of the expansion or if this is just the base game.

It should be all expansions (though that could be quite expensive) but the Fireside page says it just comes with 31 monster miniatures, which I wouldn’t think is enough for the expansions as well.

Stretch goals or add-ons?

I guess we’ll see tomorrow!

I do have to say that I’m not a big fan of the game without the first expansion, The Wizard’s Tower. That just makes it so much better and a lot less simple.

Are you familiar with Castle Panic? What do you think of this?

Let me know in the comments below.

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