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Thoughts on Ultimate, Deluxe, & Collector’s Editions

Back in January 2021, there was a blog post on Boardgame Geek about a new complete set of the “Railroads” game coming this year. This would be the classic Russian Railroads, the German Railroads expansion and the American Railroads expansion. I made a note… Continue Reading “Thoughts on Ultimate, Deluxe, & Collector’s Editions”

Fireside Games Listens to Their Fans – Cancels Castle Panic Deluxe Edition Kickstarter

I love it when game publishers listen to their fans. When I heard that Fireside Games was doing a Deluxe version of Castle Panic, with plastic miniatures, retooled artwork and cool wooden tokens to be placed in the bag to draw, I was kind of… Continue Reading “Fireside Games Listens to Their Fans – Cancels Castle Panic Deluxe Edition Kickstarter”

Castle Panic Deluxe Coming to Kickstarter Tomorrow!

(Edit: This campaign has been cancelled. Hopefully they’ll come up with something cool, though!  Due to feedback from dedicated fans, we have decided to cancel the current Kickstarter campaign and work on a new campaign with deluxe versions of the expansions included. We’ll provide… Continue Reading “Castle Panic Deluxe Coming to Kickstarter Tomorrow!”