Fireside Games Listens to Their Fans – Cancels Castle Panic Deluxe Edition Kickstarter

I love it when game publishers listen to their fans.

When I heard that Fireside Games was doing a Deluxe version of Castle Panic, with plastic miniatures, retooled artwork and cool wooden tokens to be placed in the bag to draw, I was kind of excited but unclear whether they were doing just the base game or what.

Yesterday, two days into the Kickstarter for the Deluxe Edition when the campaign started and it was confirmed that only the base game was being done (which I kind of figured considering they just announced 31 miniatures), Fireside announced that they were cancelling the Kickstarter campaign after hearing from numerous fans.

I added an edit to my original post about the Castle Panic Deluxe Edition Kickstarter that Fireside Games was doing, noting the cancellation, but I decided last night that I wanted to comment on it further.

In the campaign, Fireside mentioned that the reason they were doing just the base game is because the base game far outsells the expansion and they wanted to get people in on the ground floor.

However, many gamers (including me) who are fans of the franchise believe that the game truly comes into its own with the Wizard’s Tower expansion. Without it, the game is a nice family-friendly cooperative game but there really isn’t a lot to draw the “true” gamer to it.


With the Wizard’s Tower expansion, it becomes a “gamer’s” game and it’s a lot more interesting.

I’m glad that Fireside actually listened and decided to retool the whole campaign. I know a number of people, a number of owners of the regular game who would have jumped on this, decided not to because they’d just be getting the base game. And it is impossible to play the Deluxe version along with the basic expansions. You really need the whole thing.

So now Fireside is going back to the drawing board, probably going back to the plastic people and saying “we need all of this as well” and the new Kickstarter campaign (when it comes out) will be really expensive.

Hopefully they’ll have tiers where, if you just want the base game, you get the base game. If you want just the base game with Wizard’s Tower, you can get that. You can basically pick and choose your expansions and get the miniatures and other stuff for what you want.

It may be really expensive (if just the base game is $99 US, I can’t imagine how much multiple expansions will add to it), but that’s what the fans want.

Their base goal for this Kickstarter was $5000 and they easily surpassed that. The goal’s going to have to be higher considering the cost of everything else, but I think they could easily hit the high six-figures if not perhaps seven-figures with a campaign that can possibly include everything.

This is their first Kickstarter campaign, and this shows that they are willing to learn and retool. At least it wasn’t a disaster like some other first campaigns.

Hell, they could have had a campaign with a ton of really bad stereotypes and got run off of Kickstarter and Twitter.

At least they avoided that.

I’ll check out the tiers and the prices of the new campaign and see if I want to bite.

I know I wasn’t on this one, though.

This reminds me of when Stronghold Games pulled Aftershock after that hullabaloo.

I love it when companies listen and are willing to change.

What other examples of this type of thing can you think of? Are you happy about this? Are you maybe interested in a full deluxe version of everything Castle Panic?

Let me know in the comments.



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