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Combat Commander: Europe on the P500 list!

A rare double post for me (and that makes 6 this week!). Also a rare Friday night post. But I couldn’t hold my excitement until Monday. I just read the GMT Games April Update and my eyes almost bugged out. Combat Commander: Europe is… Continue Reading “Combat Commander: Europe on the P500 list!”

Sentinels of the Multiverse Definitive Edition – Kickstarter on March 30

(Edit – 3/30/21 – And it’s now on Kickstarter! No wonder people are coming to this post.) Double post day! Just received this in my email and thought I’d post something on the same day instead of a day later. What’s the news? (oh… Continue Reading “Sentinels of the Multiverse Definitive Edition – Kickstarter on March 30”

Radlands by Roxley Games – Now on Kickstarter

Another day, another Kickstarter! I’m a sucker for quick 2-player card games that can be played at work. I already backed one of them previously, and here’s another! Radlands is a 2-player card game published by Roxley Games. It’s designed by Daniel Piechnick with… Continue Reading “Radlands by Roxley Games – Now on Kickstarter”

MOB – Big Apple – On kickstarter now

Given the typical Friday nights that many people are having right now, who wouldn’t want to play a game about cornering the booze market! MOB: Big Apple is a 2-player area control and action selection game that just hit Kickstarter yesterday. It’s designed by… Continue Reading “MOB – Big Apple – On kickstarter now”

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition Coming to Kickstarter

(Edit 2/16/21 – And it’s live! Lots of gameplay descriptions too. Check it out) The other shoe has finally dropped! A couple of weeks ago, I did a post about a “Terraforming Mars-esque” game that noted designer Geoff Engelstein teased on Twitter. And now… Continue Reading “Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition Coming to Kickstarter”

City of Crowns – Paladins of the West Kingdom Expansion – On Kickstarter in feb 2021

(Edit 2/16/21 – It’s now live! Go here and back it now. ) (Edit 2/3/21 – The Kickstarter launch date has now been confirmed as February 16!) Two posts in one day is very rare for this blogger, but I had to get this… Continue Reading “City of Crowns – Paladins of the West Kingdom Expansion – On Kickstarter in feb 2021”

Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collectors Edition – Coming January 2021

(Edit – 12/23/20 – If you want to see a cool video that actually mentions both new expansions, see Bezier Games’ Instagram post about it.) We had a feeling it was coming. When Bezier Games posted on Boardgame Geek asking for suggestions for what… Continue Reading “Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collectors Edition – Coming January 2021”

The Pursuit of Happiness – Big Box by Artipia Games on Kickstarter

I’ve really enjoyed my couple of plays of The Pursuit of Happiness, published by Artipia Games. Designed by Adrian Abela and David Chircop, with gorgeous and whimsical art by Panayiotis Lyris, the game was published in 2015 but I missed it on Kickstarter. This is… Continue Reading “The Pursuit of Happiness – Big Box by Artipia Games on Kickstarter”

Fantastic Factories: Manufactions Now on Kickstarter

I know I already told you it was coming (and judging by the hits on that post over the last couple of days, you’re all looking for it!), but now it’s here! Yesterday, the expansion to the wonderful tableau-building card game Fantastic Factories, designed… Continue Reading “Fantastic Factories: Manufactions Now on Kickstarter”

Deluxe Edition of Castles of Mad King Ludwig?

Edit (12/21/20) – And it has now been announced! Imagine my surprise the other day when I got an email from Bezier Games with an intriguing link. After the massive success of the Deluxe edition of Suburbia on Kickstarter, Bezier Games is looking at… Continue Reading “Deluxe Edition of Castles of Mad King Ludwig?”