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November 2021 Monthly Update From GMT Games

It’s good to see the Players’ Aid back to doing some posts! They’re still just interviews right now (or they were, until they posted something non-interviewish this morning after I had written all of this last night!) so I’m going to continue doing a… Continue Reading “November 2021 Monthly Update From GMT Games”

In the Shadows – GMT Games

I’ve posted a few times about games on the P500 list from GMT Games, the system where once pre-orders reach 500 they will be put into the production queue. It’s almost like Kickstarter, except you’re not obligated to pay until the game actually ships,… Continue Reading “In the Shadows – GMT Games”

Red Flag Over Paris from GMT Games

After looking at a couple of games from GMT that are getting close to reaching the magical level of the P500 track (it takes 500 orders for them to be “given the go,” so to speak), let’s get much more immediate. In this month’s… Continue Reading “Red Flag Over Paris from GMT Games”

Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East from GMT Games

Since I’m in full-blooded GMT Fanboy Mode (can I trademark that? I think I should trademark that) with trying to get The Barracks Emperors over the P500 line (and having successfully done so with¬†Flashpoint: South China Sea and I will not listen to anybody… Continue Reading “Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East from GMT Games”

The Barracks Emperors from GMT Games

(Edit – 8/29/20) – This has now made the cut! Good to hear this will begin production soon. In another quest to get a cool-looking GMT game over the P500 hump, I have to write about The Barracks Emperors. For those of you who… Continue Reading “The Barracks Emperors from GMT Games”