Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East from GMT Games

Since I’m in full-blooded GMT Fanboy Mode (can I trademark that? I think I should trademark that) with trying to get The Barracks Emperors over the P500 line (and having successfully done so with Flashpoint: South China Sea and I will not listen to anybody who says I didn’t have a part in that one), you know what I said to myself?

I said “Self” (because I always call myself “Self,” as opposed to naming the other voices in my head), “why don’t you see if you can succeed with some of the other games that you’ve ordered on the P500 list that haven’t quite made the cut yet?”

I then patted myself on the head (and rubbed my tummy at the same time) for such a great idea, and quickly went to my GMT Games account page to see what else could use some help.


Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East is the companion (not a sequel or expansion, but a standalone) game to the recently released Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea, a game I tried at Dragonflight this year and was a bit sorry that I hadn’t ordered it before it shipped.

Both games are designed by Christopher Vorder Bruegge and Mark McLaughlin with developer Fred Schachter. Inner Sea was really cool and this one looks like it’s going to be just as cool.

ACME (Ha! I love that) is a relatively abstract game of “let’s see who can be a bigger dick to another player” but yet it seems like it’s such blasted chaos that it won’t really matter. You just have to roll with the flow. It’s an exercise in seeing who can deal with misfortune the best.

There’s no (edit – no *published*) rulebook for this game yet, but there will be a lot of similarities to its predecessor. However, it will add tons of cool new stuff too.

There are deities! Now it’s not you that’s playing that global catastrophe card on your opponent to knock down all of her cities. It’s your god. Really! It’s not your fault that their cities are melting and their people are crying.

These aren’t just disasters you’re causing. They’re Biblical Disasters! (the capital letters make all the difference).

Hell, let’s blurb this from the game page because it’s late at night when I’m writing this and I’m tired.

  • Deities. Instead of building The Wonders of the World, here you get to establish the Deities of the Biblical era (including “you-know-who,” the one who demanded, “Let my people go!”)!
  • An all-new deck of 110 cards, many of which allow you to inflict disasters and defeats of, well, BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS upon your opponents! One civilization can even capture the Deity of another and take its statue back to its capital to demonstrate its military and theological superiority.
  • Rugged Mountain Areas (with blocks to signify strongholds)
  • Fertile River Valleys (where even cities or a single disk/camp could grow population)
  • Vast Deserts (where stacking is severely limited and growth prohibited)
  • And, of course, the rolling plains and churning seas found in Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea

Players can play one (or two or even three!) of  these classic ancient civilizations: the Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians, Scythians, or 12 more! Each civilization has its own characteristics that give it life and add a touch of asymmetry to the game.

There are a number of “get to know these new civilizations” posts on the Inside GMT blog, like this article about the Egyptians. I’m sure there will be even more as the development continues.

I loved the chaos of Inner Sea and it seems like it’s only going to be ramped up in ACME. I don’t know if some of the people in my game group will go for all of the take that in this game or not, but I don’t care. This is Take That on steroids.

Take That

And I’m ecstatic.


This game looks seriously cool, and I want to have a copy of it (in a year or two).

Currently the game is at 424 orders, 76 short of the required 500. (Editor: Let’s see if Dave remembers to double check that number before this actually posts tomorrow).

With a little luck and some hard work, this one should make the cut just like its sister game.

And it would be well-deserved.

This looks like such a fun game.

Check out Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East and see what you think?

You know you want to.

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