Flashpoint South China Sea – Let’s Get This Produced!

Just a quick post is all I have time for on this sunny Monday.

Lately I have been on a bit of a GMT Games kick, mainly starting with Time of Crisis. It’s not so much the wargames or the COIN games, because I unfortunately wouldn’t get much chance to get those played, so while I look through the window with longing eyes, I don’t pick those up.

Outside looking in

Instead, I’ve seen some quick-playing 2-player games that would make perfect lunchtime games with a co-worker, and I’ve snatched them up quickly (ok, as quickly as promising to pay the P500 pre-order price and then patiently waiting for them to be produced and released can be).

I jumped on Fort Sumter: the Succession Crisis because I love learning about the American Civil War and this game hits that sweet spot of 20-45 minutes.

I say all of this as an introduction to the fact that there’s a game that sounds completely totally awesome oh my god I can’t wait to see it, it can’t come soon enough oh why does it have to take so long… (Editor: *SLAP*).

Oh, thank you.


This game is called Flashpoint: South China Sea and it’s not a wargame either.

Instead, it’s a game about politics and influence between two of the great modern powers: China and the United States.

First, let me be clear: I have not seen this game in action. I haven’t played a prototype; I haven’t had any experience with it.

I’m just going by the description.

And seeing all of that, I have to say: WE NEED TO GET THIS GAME OVER THE 500 LEVEL!

What’s this game about?

Let’s blurb this puppy:

Flashpoint: South China Sea is a two-player strategy game that simulates the complex geopolitical contest currently taking place between the United States and China in a disputed region of the South China Sea. The game is driven by a card deck that captures developments ripped straight from today’s headlines, bolstered by cards with a context-setting reading of recent history, and a set of speculative cards capturing a diverse range of potential future events.

Both players are working to gain the support of neighboring countries. While there is military influence abundant, there will not be any wars.

There will, however, be tension. Lots of it.

There is a Tension Track that both players have to manage. If tension gets too high, then events may have a bigger impact than they would have normally.

The United States is trying to keep shipping lanes open while China is trying to spread its hegemony around the region, throwing its weight around and trying to keep its neighbours in check.  The back and forth political tensions sound wonderful.

There’s more on the GMT page for the game, but I don’t want to steal their thunder. Go there and see what else awaits you.

This game sounds so juicy, and it’s another lunchtime game, so I’m there with bells on! I have a bunch of lunchtime games that are nice fillers and while they’re fun, they don’t take a lot of brainpower.

Flashpoint: South China Sea may just be that thinky short game that I need (after Fort Sumter, but considering that’s shipping in 2 weeks and the soonest this one will be out is mid to late 2019, I think we’ll be ready for a change).

Come on, people! It’s currently at 303 orders, and it needs 500 to enter the production queue.

Let’s make this happen!

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