Necrodude Coming to Meteorfall – Gamers Go Nuts

Meteorfall, the rogue-like deck-building card game app created by Slothwerks, was one of my favourite apps of the last year.

It was the perfect blend of difficult but not impossible game play, where you could spend a good deal of time with it but eventually you would finish it with all four classes.

Of course, like many games, once you’ve done it with all of the classes, what is there to do? You could try and better your scores, but that’s not very interesting for me.

So I’ve set it aside for a while.

However, fans of the game (like me) were greeted with wondrous news on Twitter this morning:


Some were more excited than others… (Editor: Dave was actually worse than this)

So on Wednesday, May 9, make sure you update your app, along with the other 41 updates that you’ve been neglecting, and get going with the Necrodude!

The Necrodude sounds like a really interesting character with cool abilities that are different from the standard warrior/rogue/cleric/wizard abilities that the base game had.

Let’s steal a little bit from a February post from my favourite site, Stately Play:

“The upcoming update to Meteorfall includes a new character named Mulford who happens to also be a Necromancer. Oh, sorry, a Necrodude. Sure, he uses the dark arts to raise the dead, but he also wears pajamas, has a rug that really ties the room together, and hates the Eagles. And, while he’s known for raising minions to do his bidding, that’s only one of his talents.”

Go to Stately Play for more information on just what the Necrodude will be able to do.

Or, just wait until May 9, and then while away an hour or two with him.

Maybe you can go bowling.



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