Star Realms App Expands and Goes to the Arena

Fans of White Wizards Games excellent Star Realms app have some reason to be excited today.

Literally as I type this, the new update has dropped and is available for download onto your favourite mobile devices.

SR - Hero 1
The glasses make the look

For two measly dollars (us Canadians of course have to pay $2.79, stupid exchange rates), you get the Ultimate Heroes expansion which has a new single-player campaign chapter and eight new heroes that are much more powerful than their counterparts from the Crisis set.

SR - Hero 2
She looks quite intense

These heroes have some kind of nice effect and trigger faction abilities when you buy them from the market, but then also can be sacrificed later for their faction ability as you could with the previous heroes.

Of course, as is usual with Star Realms, you purchase it once and it’s good for every platform you own the game on. I wish more companies would do that.

What’s even cooler, as far as White Wizard is concerned, is that they have instigated a new online Arena Tournament Play in a free weekly tournament format that will have different scenarios and methods of playing.

Star Realms Arena

For example, one week may be the Flare Mining, where you can spend one trade point to draw a card and discard a card every turn.

The cost to play in these tournaments is free (online arena play usually costs credits) and you can win prizes based on how many wins you get. You will play until you get 6 wins or 2 losses (Editor: Dave probably won’t do this, because he will get his two losses very quickly).

The cool thing about these tournaments is not only are they free (once a week), but they will include various sets of the cards and you don’t have to own the sets to play.

They are real-time, however. No asynchronous tournaments at all. Of course, that’s to be expected, and games don’t take that long anyway unless you’re winning them all.

Star Realms is one of the best card game apps out there, and today it just got better.

Star Realms
Even down a card, I’m ready to lay the smackdown (on the easy AI, but don’t judge me)



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