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December 2021 Monthly Update From GMT Games

It’s month three of doing of doing what the fabulous wargaming blog, The Players’ Aid, have habitually been doing for a long while now: an analysis of the monthly update from GMT Games! Me doing these was endorsed on Twitter by Grant, so maybe… Continue Reading “December 2021 Monthly Update From GMT Games”

Harold Buchanan Interviews Gene Billingsley from GMT Games

Harold Buchanan is the illustrious game designer of┬áthe American Revolution game Liberty or Death as well as the awesome-sounding game Flashpoint: South China Sea (which has made the cut! Woo!! I’m on that list). He also has a great podcast called “Harold on Games”… Continue Reading “Harold Buchanan Interviews Gene Billingsley from GMT Games”

Flashpoint South China Sea – Let’s Get This Produced!

Just a quick post is all I have time for on this sunny Monday. Lately I have been on a bit of a GMT Games kick, mainly starting with Time of Crisis. It’s not so much the wargames or the COIN games, because I… Continue Reading “Flashpoint South China Sea – Let’s Get This Produced!”