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Harold Buchanan Interviews Gene Billingsley from GMT Games

Harold Buchanan is the illustrious game designer of┬áthe American Revolution game Liberty or Death as well as the awesome-sounding game Flashpoint: South China Sea (which has made the cut! Woo!! I’m on that list). He also has a great podcast called “Harold on Games”… Continue Reading “Harold Buchanan Interviews Gene Billingsley from GMT Games”

Heavy Cardboard – For Those Gamers of the Heavier Persuasion

(Edit: 3/15/19) – Since this article posted, there have been a lot of changes with Heavy Cardboard. Amanda and Edward are divorced and have moved all the way across the country to separate areas. Edward’s in the Boston area and doing the show solo… Continue Reading “Heavy Cardboard – For Those Gamers of the Heavier Persuasion”

Board Game Blitz – Wonderful boardgaming podcast

Podcasts are a great thing to listen to on your commute. And there are a plethora of great boardgaming podcasts if you are so inclined as to listen to them. I wanted to highlight another great boardgaming podcast after my talking about the Dice… Continue Reading “Board Game Blitz – Wonderful boardgaming podcast”

Shut Up & Sit Down – A must-see board game site

With yesterday’s post about the Dice Tower, I have to now talk about my second (and probably more important to my style) blogging inspiration, Shut Up & Sit Down. You can even see the inspiration from them in the name of my blog, that… Continue Reading “Shut Up & Sit Down – A must-see board game site”

Happy 500th to the Dice Tower!

I do all of my podcast listening in the car to and from work, and sometimes at work. Since I was on vacation last week, I didn’t get a chance to listen to the 500th episode of the Dice Tower podcast when it came… Continue Reading “Happy 500th to the Dice Tower!”