Shut Up & Sit Down – A must-see board game site

With yesterday’s post about the Dice Tower, I have to now talk about my second (and probably more important to my style) blogging inspiration, Shut Up & Sit Down. You can even see the inspiration from them in the name of my blog, that irreverent tone which is just so fun to read or listen to. Though I guarantee I won’t make anybody laugh as hard as they make me laugh.

These guys do wonderful video board game reviews as well as written reviews. They have their own site with a very large fan community that is active in the forums there (I’m a proud member now). In fact, I have to give a shout-out to the community there as well, which is so welcoming and fun to discuss things with.

I had heard of Shut Up & Sit Down a few years ago, but didn’t really check them out until a few months ago when I was in search of videos to watch. And I was entranced, except when my sides were hurting from laughing so hard.

Originally, Paul Dean was in England and the videos were done with Quentin Smith (aka: Quinns), but now Paul is in Vancouver and they do separate video reviews (but I can’t forget that Matt Lees is also awesome when he pairs up with Quinns, as in their review of Flamme Rouge).

The image of Quinns “juicing” with sugar was just hilarious.

But what inspired today’s post is watching Paul’s review of Mythos Tales. The X-Files references, the locations, the actor (Bruce Harwood of the Lone Gunmen!!!). I love seeing Vancouver locations in Paul’s videos. This video demonstrates fully the wonderful SU&SD style.

Finally, probably the funniest video yet is Matt and Quinns’ review of Conan.

Shut Up & Sit Down is now my favourite boardgaming site, narrowly edging out the Dice Tower (but it’s close). These guys hit my funny bone in just the right spot, and while I’m sure I will never live up to their example, they are doing a great job of keeping me inspired to continue this blog, and to create it in the first place.

Thanks, guys!

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