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Friday Night Shots – Negativity in Response to Reviews

Welcome to the first in what may be a series (or at least a semi-series) of Friday night posts that are at least partially inspired by Canadian Club whiskey (that we tend to drink on Friday nights). Tonight’s topic is the idea of negativity… Continue Reading “Friday Night Shots – Negativity in Response to Reviews”

App Review – MeteorFall

One of the most highly-acclaimed (except for the artwork, which unfortunately drives some people away) rogue-like deck-building apps is Dream Quest. For many users, Dream Quest is the epitome of what a deck-building rogue-like game is, and every future game in the genre will… Continue Reading “App Review – MeteorFall”

Review – New York Slice

Do you see a pizza dripping with cheese and toppings and start to salivate? Of course you do. (I believe that pizza-haters are a myth propagated by Big Diet) So what game could be more perfect for a lunch-time gaming session than New York… Continue Reading “Review – New York Slice”

Review – Favor of the Pharaoh

Playing dice games out in the middle of the desert can be a trying task. You throw the dice and they just land without actually rolling. “Look! I just got seven 6s!!!!” “Nonsense, you just tossed them there!” Not to mention that it’s hot.… Continue Reading “Review – Favor of the Pharaoh”

Shut Up & Sit Down – A must-see board game site

With yesterday’s post about the Dice Tower, I have to now talk about my second (and probably more important to my style) blogging inspiration, Shut Up & Sit Down. You can even see the inspiration from them in the name of my blog, that… Continue Reading “Shut Up & Sit Down – A must-see board game site”