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How I Became a Gamer

I was browsing the Geek Weekly issue on Boardgame Geek just now, and included in it was a beautiful post from Neil Bunker, of Great Britain, who just recently rediscovered his love of board games with a chance visit to a bookstore that happened… Continue Reading “How I Became a Gamer”

Should Your Kids Play Board Games?

There’s plenty of controversy regarding whether or not (and how much, if so) your kids should play video games. But what about board games? I just saw an interesting blog post on Twitter by “Dr. Corriel” called “8 Reasons Your Child Should Play Board… Continue Reading “Should Your Kids Play Board Games?”

Keeping Track of Your Game Plays

Are you one of those people who keeps track of your games played? You want to know how many times you’ve played a game, how many times you’ve played it against certain opponents, how many times Bob has kicked your ass at a game?… Continue Reading “Keeping Track of Your Game Plays”

Review – Favor of the Pharaoh

Playing dice games out in the middle of the desert can be a trying task. You throw the dice and they just land without actually rolling. “Look! I just got seven 6s!!!!” “Nonsense, you just tossed them there!” Not to mention that it’s hot.… Continue Reading “Review – Favor of the Pharaoh”

Shut Up & Sit Down – A must-see board game site

With yesterday’s post about the Dice Tower, I have to now talk about my second (and probably more important to my style) blogging inspiration, Shut Up & Sit Down. You can even see the inspiration from them in the name of my blog, that… Continue Reading “Shut Up & Sit Down – A must-see board game site”

Onirim App Released – But No Expansions?

Onirim is a solo/cooperative card game that I had never heard of before. You’re trapped in a dream world and you have to find the 8 doors that will let you out before your deck runs out. This week, Asmodee Digital released the mobile version… Continue Reading “Onirim App Released – But No Expansions?”

Crowdfunding Board Games: What Are You Looking For?

Pledging for Plebes .   .   . By @ravingmadfolio (contributor) As if we’re not going to talk about board games enough, let’s talk about backing board game campaigns in crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.