Should Your Kids Play Board Games?

Checkers is a board game…right?

There’s plenty of controversy regarding whether or not (and how much, if so) your kids should play video games.

But what about board games?

I just saw an interesting blog post on Twitter by “Dr. Corriel” called “8 Reasons Your Child Should Play Board Games” and it is a really good article.

I especially like Reason #2: “They Teach Children How to Lose”. Because if I had kids, I’d be teaching them that again and again and again and…

Ahem. Sorry. Actually, I wouldn’t that often, but it is a good thing for kids to really learn. Because it’s a big bad world out there, and sometimes you’re not going to be successful. It’s best to learn that early.

As an addendum to that, I think that teaching a child how to lose will also teach them how to win. By that, I mean winning graciously. Because if a child knows how to lose and how it feels to lose, then they may remember that when they win and their sibling is on the losing end.

Or their poor father.

Sorry, projecting again.

I do believe that seriously. I don’t have a medical degree, so I could be wrong, of course.

But it makes sense to me.

Anyway, go over to Dr. Corriel’s blog and read the whole post. It’s interesting and I think has some great reasons to game with your kids.

Let me know what you think in the comments below (and let her know on her blog as well!)

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