Dead of Winter – Warring Colonies are Coming!

Zombie games have become old hat (but it’s not “plaid”), but there are still some interesting things out there in the genre.

One of the more interesting recent games is Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game from Plaid Hat Games.

It came out in 2014, but there is an expansion out already in 2016 that I haven’t had a chance to play: Dead of Winter: The Long Night. This is a standalone expansion, so doesn’t even require the base game.

Now, Plaid Hat Games has announced a second expansion, called Warring Colonies (h/t: TopTableTop on Twitter)


I’ll let Plaid Hat’s post tell you all about it, but I will give you a couple of teasers.

It will play 4-11 players in a team variant where two different colonies compete with each other. Sometimes they’ll have to cooperate though, as some crises may need both sides to join together briefly or ruin can come to both.

A Long Wolf variant where one person is a team by themselves! And if it’s a male Wolf, he’ll probably have the shaggy beard to go with it.

Tons of new survivors, Crossroads cards, Crises, and…hell, I’ll let them say it:

Warring Colonies comes with a mountain of content, much of which supports the new team variant for 4-11 players, in which two colonies compete over the same locations for limited resources and power.

I’ve played the base game a few times and really enjoyed it. This sounds even better, though I can’t imagine how much table room this is going to take up.

Warring Colonies is “coming soon” (ain’t that always the way?) and pay attention to their blog for more previews. It will require the base game and, for the Warring Colonies variant, will require The Long Night as well.

And definitely check out the article for a lot more detail.

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