Keeping Track of Your Game Plays

Are you one of those people who keeps track of your games played? You want to know how many times you’ve played a game, how many times you’ve played it against certain opponents, how many times Bob has kicked your ass at a game?

Not everybody is like that, but I certainly am. I like to keep track of everything so I can see just how many times I’ve been able to get a certain game to the table. Or just how many times I’ve played it so I know whether I can do a review of it (for example).

Previously, people would enter this information into an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document or something. Maybe they’d even use Google Docs.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, however, you don’t even have to do that! (and, hopefully soon, Android users will be able to as well).

Welcome to Boardgame Stats, one of the best utility apps out there for any gamer.

BG Stats 1
Bob, hope you don’t mind I’m showing that we play Carcassone

This app lets you do everything that you may want to do as a board game statistics nut. You can see when you play most often, how many players you mainly play with. You can check out your stats against a particular player.

How about what games you’ve played over the course of a month? How many new games?

This app will tell you that too.

BG Stats.4
Names blurred to protect the guilty

How about just your list of games that you’ve played?

Yep, it has that too.

BG Stats 2

This app has tons of statistics too. It’s really my go-to app for any kind of personal boardgame data.

It’s up to you whether you want to keep it just games you’ve played on the table or also include online games and apps.

I do all of them, however you can filter your insights page by location, so you only choose “real” locations as opposed to online in order to get the stats you really need (instead of including my 2500 games of Ascension on iOS, for instance). That’s what I did on the stats page above.

You can even mark new players so you know that it was new for them and thus it wasn’t as great of an accomplishment to kick their ass (or have your own kicked if it’s new to you).

I highly recommend this app if you care at all about plays. You can even purchase Cloud Sync if you have the app on multiple devices (I do on my phone and iPad). It’s only 99 cents US for that.

It’s so cool to just explore this app for a bit and see your gaming history.

This is a must-have.



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