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Async App Plays and Recording Boardgame Stats

Longtime readers of this blog know that I am an avid recorder of my boardgame play stats, using the wonderful Boardgame Stats app. I also love playing boardgame apps or boardgames online asynchronously. A few months ago, I got into a little discussion with… Continue Reading “Async App Plays and Recording Boardgame Stats”

New Ascension expansion announced

I’m a huge fan of the deck-building card game Ascension (as many of you who read this blog (hi Bob!) might remember), but I haven’t actually played it on the table in quite a while. The app is just so good that it’s hard for… Continue Reading “New Ascension expansion announced”

Boardgame Apps – Steam Sales

After yesterday’s Through the Ages app review (still on sale until April 10!), I thought I’d pass along a few other Steam sales that are going on for popular and excellent boardgame apps that you might want to try out since you’re as socially isolated… Continue Reading “Boardgame Apps – Steam Sales”

Ascension: Delerium arrives on the App!

The first day back at work after a month off is always going to be hard. I wouldn’t know normally because I’ve never done it until this month. While it wasn’t too hard to get back into the swing of things, it was kind… Continue Reading “Ascension: Delerium arrives on the App!”

Ascension – Skulls & Sails Coming in May

I’m a huge Ascension fan, maybe partially because it helped get me back into the whole gaming scene but also because it’s just a fun little deckbuilder. It’s hard to believe it’s been around since 2010 and there are literally tons of expansions (Editor – That could… Continue Reading “Ascension – Skulls & Sails Coming in May”

Ascension – Valley of the Ancients drops on Digital

Hi, my name is Dave. And I’m an Ascension addict. I had a sponsor who was helping me with it, but when I showed him my online profile and the number of games I’ve played, he ran away screaming. I’m not sure how to… Continue Reading “Ascension – Valley of the Ancients drops on Digital”

How I Became a Gamer

I was browsing the Geek Weekly issue on Boardgame Geek just now, and included in it was a beautiful post from Neil Bunker, of Great Britain, who just recently rediscovered his love of board games with a chance visit to a bookstore that happened… Continue Reading “How I Became a Gamer”

Boardgames That Work Better as Apps

In some of my social media postings, I have mentioned that Potion Explosion worked better for me in app form because it was too fiddly on the table. This brings to mind something that I’ve thought about quite a bit. What other board games have… Continue Reading “Boardgames That Work Better as Apps”

News: New Ascension Expansion – Gift of the Elements

I am a big fan of the deck-building game Ascension. It was the first real game I played when I returned to the board-gaming world, so it’s always held a soft spot in my heart. At the beginning of March, Ultra Pro and Stoneblade… Continue Reading “News: New Ascension Expansion – Gift of the Elements”