New Ascension expansion announced

I’m a huge fan of the deck-building card game Ascension (as many of you who read this blog (hi Bob!) might remember), but I haven’t actually played it on the table in quite a while. The app is just so good that it’s hard for me to actually get it to the table.

Anyway, after the rather interesting Skulls & Sails expansion, the next expansion is going to use the same mechanic of a ship sailing around the board.

I haven’t actually seen an announcement of this, but it’s now on Boardgame Geek so I guess I can post about it.

The next Ascension expansion is called “Curse of the Golden Isles” and it uses the same “ship moving around the board” mechanic as Skulls & Sails.

Ascension: Curse of the Golden Isle returns players to the Severed Seas, as they venture to recruit Heroes, build mighty Constructs, and raid their opponents’ Treasure as they vie to gather the most Honor before the game ends!

Along with the classic gameplay mechanics seen throughout Ascension’s ten year history, Curse of the Golden Isle introduces a new gameplay mechanic: Cursed Treasure. Players that collect pairs of Cursed Treasure tokens may use them to gain valuable Runes, Power, and more!”

The cursed treasures sound very cool though it will be interesting to see what the effect of these treasures are.


No pictures of the expansion are available yet, but here’s the cool-looking box cover.

I’m concerned that the app doesn’t even have the Skulls & Sails expansion yet and there’s already another one coming out. Ever since Asmodee Digital has taken over, the expansions have slowed.

I hope that’s not going to keep happening.

The idea behind this one really intrigues me, and I can’t wait to see how “cursed treasure” affects the deck-building aspect of the game.

Look for this one to come later in 2020, though who knows how production will be affected by COVID-19.

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