GMT Gives Free Games for COVID Job Loss

During these plague-filled times of dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic and all of the life changes that it has involved, I’ve been lucky. And I know it.

My wife and I both still have our jobs and while I’ve been working from home since March 16, my job has almost become busier.

I know that a lot of people haven’t had that luxury and have been laid off or had hours reduced or whatever.

It’s been a tough time for a lot of people.

Readers of this blog already know that I’m a big fan of GMT Games, even though I don’t really play war games. They do have a pretty good catalog of other games that I do enjoy and I just enjoy the idea of playing war games too.

The June 24 Update from GMT had some surprising, and really cool, news in it, however.

“We know that this virus, in addition to the threat it poses to our collective health, has had a negative economic impact on many of our customers, as well. As with so many social or economic problems, it’s not within our power to provide big fixes—to restore lost jobs, retirement funds, or lost earning power. But we’ve decided, as we did numerous times in the wake of the 2008 financial meltdown, that we can show support for those of you who have lost jobs by giving you a free game or two. I know it’s not much in the greater scheme of things, but we want you to know that we are thinking of you and that your welfare—including the ability to de-stress and decompress from the pressures of the world by playing games—is important to us. Here are the details:

EligibilityIf you have lost your job due to shutdown-related layoffs or closings since March 15, 2020, you are eligible to get one (non-US customers) or two (US customers) free games from us, from games that are in stock now. We’d love to give an extra game to international customers as well, but the spiking shipping rates overseas limit our ability to do so.”

Yes, that’s right.

If you’ve lost your job due to the current COVID crisis, you can get two free games (or one if you’re an international customer) that they currently have in stock (other than the now-shipping Imperial Struggle, which they are currently running out of even though they printed tons of them).

It’s not going to put food on your table, but if you are a gamer and you use games to help get away from your struggles a little bit, GMT has your back.


So get that game that you’ve been kind of salivating over but your recent loss of job is going to prevent you from springing for.

It’s not going to solve all of your problems, but if it helps relieve some of the stress you’ve been under for at least a couple of hours (or 6-12 hours if you do Here I Stand!), then isn’t that a good thing?

Kudos to GMT for looking out for their customers.

I obviously won’t be taking advantage of this offer, but hopefully a number of people do.

Give yourself a few hours of stress relief.



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