Ascension – Skulls & Sails Coming in May

I’m a huge Ascension fan, maybe partially because it helped get me back into the whole gaming scene but also because it’s just a fun little deckbuilder.

It’s hard to believe it’s been around since 2010 and there are literally tons of expansions (Editor – That could be the Joe Biden definition of “literally”) for it out already.

Checking my email box yesterday, you can add another expansion to the list.

Ascension - Skulls & Sails
All pictures via the Stoneblade email about this expansion

That’s right. Ascension: Skulls & Sails has just been announced by Stoneblade Entertainment and it looks very interesting.

For the first time, it looks like Ascension is going the board route, having a board where your ships are going to be sailing around collecting treasure and fighting monsters along with getting cards from the center row.

Let’s let designer Justin Gary’s email speak for itself:

“The first big difference is that it involves heavy use of the board and the relationship of cards in the center row, as you’ll be sailing around it, fighting monsters and raiding other player’s ships.

Your ships, which are tokens that you move around the Severed Sea, can become more powerful allowing you to raid and steal treasure from monsters and other players.”

It looks like the Fate mechanic is being brought back at least to some extent, with this monster.

Ascension S&S - Monster

Fate means that when the card appears in the center row, something happens.

And there is finally a new treasure involved! Ever since Energy Shards were introduced, I was always wondering why they were just called “Treasure,” but we now have a second type of Treasure to answer that question.

Ascension S & S - Treasure

It looks like you’ll be able to do something with Gold which, I assume, will be different than the Runes that will get you cards from the center row as happens in all other Ascension games.

It looks like sailing your ship around the board will give you other opportunities as well.

And there’s a Kraken somewhere! That can only mean good things.

Look for Ascension: Skulls & Sails to be coming out in May. More information will come out soon, I hope, and I’ll pass it along if I get it.

It’s nice to see Ascension go into the board realm, but will it dilute the brand?

It’s too soon to say.




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