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The Calming Effect of Onirim

It’s been almost a year since Dad passed away (December 22) and one thing I remember vividly about the blurry four days between finding out about it and December 27 when I had to do a bunch of stuff to get ready for the… Continue Reading “The Calming Effect of Onirim”

Another Onirim app expansion – Door to the Oniverse

I started my vacation with Onirim expansion news, and I’m beginning my return from vacation with Onirim expansion news! Earlier this week, Asmodee Digital released another expansion for the already excellent Onirim app. (If you’re not sure what this game is, I’m not going… Continue Reading “Another Onirim app expansion – Door to the Oniverse”

Onirim updated again – Crossroads & Dead Ends expansion

Aren’t surprises wonderful? Ok, not always. It sort of sucks to be driving along late at night and then suddenly you’re in a construction hold-up in line with other cars that you weren’t expecting and there’s no way to turn around or bail. But… Continue Reading “Onirim updated again – Crossroads & Dead Ends expansion”

Onirim App Update Adds Glyphs!

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Onirim app review, where I mentioned that when it came out Asmodee Digital had said there were no plans for the expansions, look what showed up on the app store? Yes, the Glyphs expansion dropped today, free as… Continue Reading “Onirim App Update Adds Glyphs!”

Onirim – App review

Onirim is a card game that apparently can be played with two players but is essentially a solo player game. I had never heard of it until Asmodee Digital announced that it was coming to mobile devices and that it was going to be… Continue Reading “Onirim – App review”

Onirim App Released – But No Expansions?

Onirim is a solo/cooperative card game that I had never heard of before. You’re trapped in a dream world and you have to find the 8 doors that will let you out before your deck runs out. This week, Asmodee Digital released the mobile version… Continue Reading “Onirim App Released – But No Expansions?”