Another Onirim app expansion – Door to the Oniverse

I started my vacation with Onirim expansion news, and I’m beginning my return from vacation with Onirim expansion news!

Earlier this week, Asmodee Digital released another expansion for the already excellent Onirim app. (If you’re not sure what this game is, I’m not going to explain it. You can see my post about the original game here)

The new expansion, “The Door to the Oniverse,” adds yet more cards to your dream deck, but with a twist this time.

Oniverse 1
This guy hunts nightmares!

There are 16 “Denizens of the Oniverse” cards (two of each type) added that have special one-shot powers that you can use to hopefully get all those doors open before your deck runs out.

When you draw one of these denizens, you must discard a card from your hand (sadly, you can’t discard a dead end) and then the Denizen gets put down in front of you for use at any time.

Oniverse 2
On the phone, the Denizens can be a bit cluttered, but at least you can hide the column where the Denizens are if you need to.

There are a good selection of these, from the Harpoon Hunter pictured above to the Cyclobot who lets you trade a location card in your hand for a location card in your discard pile, to the Mirror which lets you put a nightmare you just drew into Limbo, and others as well.

It also adds a multi-coloured door that you must open, so now you have 13 if you are using the Glyphs expansion (nine if are only playing the base game with Oniverse). This door can be opened with any key or any set of three location cards played (gives you something to do with those location cards for a colour that you’ve already completed)

I really like this expansion. I think it adds a great deal to the game, but I do have to say that I think the game is getting easier with each expansion.


The other thing this update fixed, in addition to adding the expansion, is that the Intersections part of the previous expansion actually works!

The “Intersections” variant was added in the Crossroads & Dead Ends expansion. The Crossroads cards are multicoloured location/key cards that can be used as any colour. This made the game way easier, even with the Dead Ends addition. You often have a wild card in your hand.

The Intersections variant makes it so a Crossroads card can only be played as the second card of a series.

With this update, I have not won a game yet played with Intersections. Before, I won probably 75% of my games playing with Crossroads.

This makes the game much more fun!

The Door to the Oniverse expansion is available for 99 cents ($1.39 for us Canadians) on both iOS and Android.

Oh, and Steam! That’s right, Onirim is now available on Steam as well. Same pricing package: free for the base game, expansions are a bit of money.

Finally, this update adds Gamecenter Achievements for iOS users, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Check it out! It’s well-worth your money.

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