Onirim updated again – Crossroads & Dead Ends expansion

Aren’t surprises wonderful?

Ok, not always. It sort of sucks to be driving along late at night and then suddenly you’re in a construction hold-up in line with other cars that you weren’t expecting and there’s no way to turn around or bail.

But some surprises are wonderful.

Like when you see the badge on your App Store icon, go in to see what’s been updated, and you find out Onirim has a new expansion available!

Called “Crossroads & Dead Ends,” this expansion adds 16 more cards to your deck.

Onirim 5
Pretty Crossroads card! And horrible Dead End right next to it.

There are 6 Crossroads cards, two of each basic type (Sun, Moon, Key). What’s special about these is that they are multi-coloured, which means that they can be used as any colour.

Which is especially helpful when it’s a key and you draw a door, as it will open any of them.

There are also ten Dead End cards that are really nasty, though. They sit in your hand and you can’t play them at all. The only way to get rid of them is to get hit by a nightmare to discard your hand, or if they get really bad, you can press the “Escape” button which will just discard your entire hand without the need for a nightmare.

If you’re playing with both this expansion and the Glyphs, you have 100 cards in your deck, but 20 of them really suck (nightmares and dead ends). Twelve more of them are doors that will force you to draw another card.

That’s almost 1/3 of your deck!

Yet, so far, I have found myself winning a bit more than usual.

Let’s hope that doesn’t change.

Onirim 6
Way too many Suns in hand

The update that brought the expansion also adds actual scoring (rather than just “how many cards did you have left when you won?”) and online leaderboards if you log into your Asmodee account.

That’s assuming you win, of course.

Finally, for those of you who complained about the animations being slow, they’ve sped them up as well.

It’s almost too fast, but I got used to it.

The expansion is available for $1 and the base game is free (not sure for how much longer) on iOS and Android.


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