Onirim App Released – But No Expansions?

Onirim is a solo/cooperative card game that I had never heard of before. You’re trapped in a dream world and you have to find the 8 doors that will let you out before your deck runs out.

This week, Asmodee Digital released the mobile version of the game for the initial price of $0.99 in the US store (it’s $1.39 CDN up here in the Great White North). The buzz for the game was so great, and the price point so low, that I had to try it out. It is only single-player in the app, which makes sense.

And it’s a fun game! I have been enjoying it so far.

Onirim 1

The problem is that I can see it becoming a bit boring after a few tries. Ten, maybe twenty games (most of which I lose) and it could easily end up being in my “maybe play again one day” folder on my iPad.

And this is a shame, because the original base card game came with three expansions, and apparently there have been quite a few more that actually add a lot of variety to the game.

Onirim 2

Yet Asmodee has said via Twitter that there are currently no plans to add the expansions.

I find this really sad. Of course, it’s up to them whether or not to do it. And for $0.99, you definitely will get your money’s worth for the game.

But why not add the expansions at some point? Even as IAP (in-app purchase for those Luddites in the audience)? It would surely be worth it.

If the expansions make a pretty good game that much better, I would think it would be a no-brainer to add them.

Onirim 3

There is a lot of shuffling of cards in the game, and I can see how that could turn some people off. The digital game, it’s all handled for you!

What could be better than that?

I tweeted at Asmodee Digital requesting that they reconsider their expansion stance. They liked the tweet. Maybe that’s their way of keeping track of how much demand there is.

If so, please do the same. Start an uproar. Request the expansions, or at least that they consider them if sales warrant.

My limited play-time has shown that this is a great game. But it could be so much better.

Otherwise, it could be the players who lose…

Onirim 4

Onirim is available on iOS/Android

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