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City of Gears now on Kickstarter

Grey Fox Games, publisher of many fan-favourite games such as Champions of Midgard and Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, has just come to Kickstarter with another game  that looks really cool. City of Gears  (Designers: Daryl Andrews and Chris Leder; Artists: Anthony Cournoyer and… Continue Reading “City of Gears now on Kickstarter”

The 80s are Returning!!! – Rambo Kickstarter Upcoming

You can tell that many current game designers grew up in the 1980s. We’re in that sweet spot where 35-45 year-olds are really getting into game design, and why not use something that we grew up when designing a game? First, there was (in… Continue Reading “The 80s are Returning!!! – Rambo Kickstarter Upcoming”

Brass Kickstarter is Live!!!

Last week, I showcased the upcoming Kickstarter for the new version of Brass (rechristened Brass: Lancashire) being published by Roxley Games. Pictures of the new board, new pieces, new art in general, all looked marvelous. This last Easter Monday, the Kickstarter went live, and… Continue Reading “Brass Kickstarter is Live!!!”

Kickstarter – The Pursuit of Happiness: Community

This is the story of how I recently backed, and am greatly looking forward to, the new expansion for the game The Pursuit of Happiness. Called Community, it has a pledge level that allows you to get the base game as well. I’m not… Continue Reading “Kickstarter – The Pursuit of Happiness: Community”

Crowdfunding Board Games: What Are You Looking For?

Pledging for Plebes .   .   . By @ravingmadfolio (contributor) As if we’re not going to talk about board games enough, let’s talk about backing board game campaigns in crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.