Brass Kickstarter is Live!!!

Brass Kickstarter

Last week, I showcased the upcoming Kickstarter for the new version of Brass (rechristened Brass: Lancashire) being published by Roxley Games. Pictures of the new board, new pieces, new art in general, all looked marvelous.

This last Easter Monday, the Kickstarter went live, and it’s already going gangbusters. At the time of this writing, it was already over $670,000 CDN, with a funding goal of $80,000.

I think that’s what they call a success? I don’t know. In this new world of Eric Lang and $4 million Kickstarters, maybe that’s considered a bomb.

Nah, who am I kidding. This is an economic game and it has almost $700,000 (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it blows past $800,000 or even more, with 20 days left to fund). It is a phenomenal success.

What’s even cooler, and which I wasn’t aware of when I wrote the first post, is that you can get either the new edition of Lancashire or you can get the brand spanking new Brass: Birmingham, the version of it that adds beer! Ok, it’s more than just adding beer, but I could sure use one of those.

Yes, you can back the Kickstarter, but instead of updating your well-worn copy of Brass which works fine even if the art is a big turn-off, and instead get a game that’s new even to you.  Brass: Birmingham keeps the old rules, but adds new variations, new actions, along with three new industries (if you were bored with cotton…and really, who wouldn’t be after a while?): Breweries, Potteries, and Manufactured Goods.

The game uses the same beautiful updated art that the updated Lancashire has.

Brass Birmingham

(Taken from the Kickstarter page)

Did you want both? You can get both games in a bundle for $100 US (approximately) + shipping.

Really, if you’re a fan of the game, you can’t go wrong. My Brass-loving friend was on this within hours of the Kickstarter going live, and I’m looking forward to seeing it all.

Sadly, that won’t be until at least January 2018.

But the wait will be worth it I’m sure!

Check out the Kickstarter page and see what you think.

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