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Can Stefan Feld Turn US Politics into Point Salad?

It’s been a busy week at Dude Central, so I wasn’t planning on posting anything this week. Then I happened to check my Inbox (Editor – Always a bad move). What was this email that made me have to hop on my computer and… Continue Reading “Can Stefan Feld Turn US Politics into Point Salad?”

Werewolves Join the Legacy Movement

Bezier Games is really killing it recently, and they have yet another announcement today. Ultimate Werewolf Legacy is designed by Ted Alspach and Rob Daviau, and it’s going to be coming out around GenCon this year. It’s another permutation of the Werewolf franchise. What… Continue Reading “Werewolves Join the Legacy Movement”

The 80s are Returning!!! – Rambo Kickstarter Upcoming

You can tell that many current game designers grew up in the 1980s. We’re in that sweet spot where 35-45 year-olds are really getting into game design, and why not use something that we grew up when designing a game? First, there was (in… Continue Reading “The 80s are Returning!!! – Rambo Kickstarter Upcoming”