Werewolves Join the Legacy Movement

Bezier Games is really killing it recently, and they have yet another announcement today.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy is designed by Ted Alspach and Rob Daviau, and it’s going to be coming out around GenCon this year. It’s another permutation of the Werewolf franchise.

Werewolf Legacy

What is the legacy element?

In Ultimate Werewolf, players are given a hidden role and they have to figure out who among them is a werewolf. Meanwhile, the werewolves are trying to eliminate the villagers.

In Ultimate Werewolf Legacy, decisions made during the game will affect future games. In addition to their secret roles, players are given a public family card and will team up with other members of their family…unless they’re a werewolf, of course. Players can earn special abilities that carry over from game to game too.

Not only will the players change, though, but also the village itself based on player decisions and game outcomes.

Werewolf Legacy Diary

Running the game is done by the 80+ page diary that will help the moderator run the game. It’s easy enough that even new players can moderate.

“The Diary is structured into 5 distinct chapters with 3 game sessions in each chapter, as well as an introductory Preface game session. Players can jump in and out for individual sessions, but they’ll have the most fun if they player all the sessions in a chapter. Each chapter can be played in a single evening. At the end of the 16 game session campaign, the Diary will be a record of exactly what happened in your village, and who was ultimate responsible for what it became over time.”

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy is now available for pre-order from Bezier Games and will come out in August 2018.


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