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May 2023 Gaming

It’s been another slower month of gaming this last May, again because one of our Sundays was cancelled (this month due to Mother’s Day…stupid moms!) This month, I had the same number of plays (19) as April but only 11 games instead of 13.… Continue Reading “May 2023 Gaming”

Review – Subastral

Ain’t nature grand? I think it is. All of the beautiful landscapes that are out there. Nature photography is some of the best photography out there. And nature games, too! There’s been a bit of a renaissance in nature-themed games in the last few… Continue Reading “Review – Subastral”

Architects of the West Kingdom – Storage Solution from Folded Space

I’ve already talked about the Viscounts of the West Kingdom storage solution from Folded Space, and how much better it is than the actual Collector’s Edition insert. For some reason, the Garphill Games inserts that came with the Collector’s Editions are just terrible as… Continue Reading “Architects of the West Kingdom – Storage Solution from Folded Space”

Expansion Review – Clank in Space: Cyber Station 11

Finally, my set is complete! Clank in Space is always near the top of my games played. I just love the deckbuilding aspects, how the board works, and how you can end the game without any points. Ok, I don’t love that last part,… Continue Reading “Expansion Review – Clank in Space: Cyber Station 11”

Friday Night Shots – Asymmetry in Games

We’re back to Canadian Club after some Crown Royal over the last week or two. That’s not bad, of course. It’s a mainstay! But maybe that’s why I’m thinking about asymmetry in boardgames for this Friday Night Shot. Or maybe not. Actually, the reason… Continue Reading “Friday Night Shots – Asymmetry in Games”

April 2023 Gaming

After a robust March of gaming, April took a bit of a downturn. The lack of a convention along with missing a Sunday game day and being off for a week so there were no lunch time games that week, all of that combined… Continue Reading “April 2023 Gaming”

Friday Night Shots – How Do You Learn a Game?

We’ve come a long way in this hobby (especially wargames, since that’s what I used to play in my youth) since the days where there were very few games coming out each year so everybody who was interested in gaming actually was playing those… Continue Reading “Friday Night Shots – How Do You Learn a Game?”

Viscounts of the West Kingdom – Storage Solution from Folded Space

If you’ve read this blog for more than five minutes, then you know that I’m a huge fan of Garphill Games and especially the West Kingdom trilogy of games. I’ve reviewed two of them (Architects of the West Kingdom and Viscounts of the West… Continue Reading “Viscounts of the West Kingdom – Storage Solution from Folded Space”

New to Me – March 2023

March was a good month for gaming, with a convention and numerous lunch time plays at work as well as some hefty Sunday game days as well. As noted in my March gaming post, I played 21 games! Seven of them were even new… Continue Reading “New to Me – March 2023”

Terminal City Tabletop Convention Retrospective – 2023

It’s Wednesday and part of me is still coming down from the high of a weekend full of boardgames! For the first time since March 2019, the annual (until COVID, damn it) Terminal City Tabletop Convention was held in my hometown of Vancouver this… Continue Reading “Terminal City Tabletop Convention Retrospective – 2023”