4 New Expansions from Alderac Entertainment Group Coming to Kickstarter June 6

(Edit: 6/6/23: It’s live!)

It’s rare when I see a “by a bunch of stuff in one bundle” offer come up where I want most of it, so it makes it worth actually taking a look at.

That’s changed with the latest announcement from Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG).

Coming to Kickstarter on June 6, the following expansions will be available to back.

Space Base: Genesis I already talked about when it was first announced. Designed by John D. Clair, this was already a must-buy since Space Base is one of my favourite games.

There’s also the new expansion for David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin’s War Chest, the great 2-player bag-building game that I’ve played a few times and need to get a review done for! Not to mention playing the first two expansions.

This expansion is called Nightfall and will highlight the seedier side of warfare.

Then there’s the Cubitos expansion, Fowl Play. Cubitos is a push your luck dice rolling racing game also designed by John D. Clair.

It’s a lot of fun and this expansion looks to add more dice colours and new ability cards for the base game’s colours. A new double-sided race track and components to get up to 6 players is also in it!

The final expansion is for Tiny Towns, a game I haven’t played yet. It’s designed by Peter McPherson and is a game where you are building a city using the many resources gathered, but you don’t always get the choice of what resources are available.

The expansion, Architects, adds new buildings, new monuments, and the possibility of having an additional, tinier town!

No pictures have been posted yet for these expansions, but I’m definitely going to be looking hard at this one.

Judging from the picture (so I could be wrong), it looks like all four combined will cost $90. Not bad for four expansions.

Check out the Kickstarter link so you will be notified when it goes live on June 6.

Are you excited about this? Unnerved? Apathetic?

Let me know in the comments.

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