Stonemaier Games Announces Viticulture Rhine Visitors

One of the knocks against Jamey Stegmaier’s wine-making opus game, Viticulture, has been the fact that you could potentially win the game without making any wine at all.

Earlier, Jamey had teased the fact that a new expansion would be coming out sometime soon. Today, that announcement came.

Viticulture - Rhine Valley

Viticulture: Visit From the Rhine Valley (Pictures on this post taken from this page) will consist of 80 new Visitor cards and it’s considered an alternative to the visitor cards from the base game.

Many of the old cards were able to give you a lot of victory points if you played them correctly. You didn’t have to make much, if any, wine in your winery.

Those of you frustrated with that part of the game can swap out these visitors for the old ones and then you can stop your bitching enjoy the game more.

Viticulture Rhine visitors
It seems the Germans really want their wine!

Four of the cards are designed solely for the Tuscany expansion, so if you only have base Viticulture, only 76 of them will be good for you. But Tuscany adds so much that why would you not have it?

I have never had any problem with the original visitor cards, because I found Viticulture to be about running a winery, not necessarily making wine. There are lots of ways to run a successful winery that don’t necessarily require a lot of wine.

But others get red in the face when they lose this way.

Look for this to arrive in your stores around June 1, 2018 and will run you $20 MSRP.

2 Comments on “Stonemaier Games Announces Viticulture Rhine Visitors

  1. Interesting! I’m not too concerned by the non-winemaking winning conditions, but I know others are. Plus, I grew up in the wine-making valley of a river that flows into the Rhine, so this should feel like home 🙂

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